New Master of Advanced Engineering at Monash University

12 August 2014

What about engineering? We often talk about medicine, dentistry, and law, but let’s take a moment to talk about engineering, shall we?
How about if we say “All students who commence Monash’s new Master of Advanced Engineering program in 2015 will receive a $6,000 scholarship?
Now we’ve got your attention!
Joking aside, if you’ve got a Bachelor of Engineering, further postgraduate study can be the foundation to a great career, and can turn an existing career into something brilliant, help you change careers, or aid in pursuing your passion. Did you know that Monash Engineering School offers the widest choice of engineering courses than any other Australian university?
Monash Engineering School is offering a new Master of Advanced Engineering commencing in 2015.
Delivered at the Clayton campus, the Master of Advanced Engineering is a one-year qualification. The course is designed to extend your knowledge in your specialisation area and advance your leadership and complex-problem-solving skills.
Specialisation options for 2015 include

  1. Chemical engineering
  2. Civil engineering (Water)
  3. Civil engineering (Transport)
  4. Electrical engineering
  5. Materials engineering
  6. Mechanical engineering

Structures and Geotechnical specialisations planned to commence in 2016.

Scholarship for ALL commencing 2015 Master of Advanced Engineering students

To celebrate the launch of the new program, all students commencing the Master of Advanced Engineering program in Semester 1, 2015 will receive a $6,000 scholarship! Questions about this scholarship? Email OzTREKK’s Australian Engineering Schools Admissions Officer Rachel Brady at

Do a double Master

Take your career even further by combining your postgraduate engineering qualification with another one-year Master degree. Combine with

  • Master of Business
  • Master of Business Information Systems
  • Master of Information Technology

Entry requirements
To apply for the Master of Advanced Engineering, you must have the equivalent of a four-year Australian Bachelor of Engineering in the relevant discipline with a minimum 70% average.

Apply to the Monash Engineering School!


Learn more about the Master of Advanced Engineering and other engineering degrees at Monash University. Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Engineering Schools Admissions Officer Rachel Brady at, or call toll free in Canada at 1-866-698-7355. Find out how you can study in Australia!