Medicine and dentistry admissions changes for the 2022 intake

20 May 2021

Are you considering studying medicine or dentistry at the University of Melbourne or the University of Sydney?

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Do you have questions about your medicine or dental school applications?

We recently held a webinar to discuss the universities’ significant admissions changes for the 2022 intake. You can watch the webinar recording here!

So, what’s the fuss?

Overall, it’s important to know that we are expecting all four programs to be significantly more competitive this year than in previous years. While seat quota hasn’t changed, the number of applicants will increase and some previous application barriers have been removed.

Admissions Changes

Melbourne is ignoring grades from the 2020 calendar year (MD & DDS). Grades will not be counted if they fall under a semester listed as 2020 on your transcript (i.e., Winter 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020). If you have a full-year course, it will depend on how it’s presented on your transcript.

This will not change the weighting. Your fourth year is still worth a weight of 2. Depending on your graduating year, this may mean that your Fall 2019 semester will count for the entirety of your third year, as an example. If you’re confused, we recommend you write out your years (first, second, third etc.) and put them into calendar years and you’ll see the scores ignored.

Melbourne DDS is full. There are 35–40 international seats in the program and OzTREKK students from last year already hold 34 (the rest of the world accounts for any remaining seats). New offers will only be issued as withdrawals are received. If this changes, we will let you know. OzTREKK will not be submitting applications unless students have a wGPA of 3.5 and a DAT score of at least 21.

Melbourne MD has removed the prerequisite subjects. Typically, we would submit 40–50 apps due to the anatomy prereq being a barrier, but we are expecting to have more than 200 eligible applicants this year. As seats are finite, we will not be submitting applications unless applicants have a wGPA of 3.2 and an MCAT score of 502.

Sydney is not having interviews (MD & DMD). Offers will be issued to the top-ranked students based on exam (DAT or MCAT). We expect the volume of applications to nearly double. OzTREKK will not be submitting applications unless students have an MCAT of at least 505 or a DAT of at least 21.

Here are the university guides to the Sydney MD/DMD and to the UniMelb MD/DDS for 2022. All specific details about GPA weightings or calculations are outlined in glorious detail.

Common Questions

1. My GPA is X.X, am I competitive?
For Sydney you need a cGPA of 2.7. After that, GPA isn’t used in assessment, so it doesn’t matter if you have a 4.0 or a 2.71. As long as you have a 2.7 / 4.0 (roughly a B- or a 70% – 72%), that’s all you need. Ranking is purely on your exam score.

Typically, successful applicants to Melbourne (med or dent) are close to “straight A’s” in their final year or two. OzTREKK is looking for a weighted GPA of 3.2 or 3.5, depending on program. You can find weighting details in the university guides linked above.

2. How flexible are the universities on the admissions dates?
Not at all. The universities have already moved back deadlines to accommodate the Canadian schedule. Sydney even removed interviews.

To be eligible all applications must be submitted by these days:

  • Melbourne DDS: July 30, Canadian time. If you want to avoid a $100 application fee, your application must be completed by July 16.
  • Melbourne MD: June 24, Canadian time. If you want to avoid a $100 application fee, your application must be completed by June 10.
  • Sydney MD or DMD: June 23, Canadian time. Your $125 application fee must be paid by this date as well.

If you’re taking your admissions test after the deadline, we need a copy of your exam registration to submit your application before the above-listed deadline. Final exam scores (ADAT, CDAT, MCAT) must be received no later than the dates listed below:

  • Melbourne DDS: DAT must be submitted with application; no later date to submit.
  • Melbourne MD: July 26 (last day to sit the MCAT is June 19).
  • Sydney MD or DMD: July 30 (last day to sit the MCAT is June 19); CDAT scores are expected by this date.

3. If I get an offer, can I defer?
Not likely. Most “quota programs” like med and dent will not consider deferrals and especially not for something that you know at the time of acceptance (e.g., COVID). Deferrals are usually only granted under extreme and unforeseen circumstances. If you are not likely to attend in February 2022, please let us know and we can move your application to 2023.

How does OzTREKK help?

Although we’re a small team, we work hard and know our stuff, and we genuinely have your best interest at heart! You’re contemplating a big journey in your future, and you deserve to feel confident!

Looking ahead, we’ll be here to support you throughout the next year. We’ll give you guidance about accepting offers, point you in the right direction about visas when the time comes, and help you meet each another once things settle down. Soon enough it will be fall and we’ll start talking about enrollment!


Do you have any questions about your medicine or dentistry application? Contact us at or We’re here to help!