Macquarie University offers a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science

13 June 2017

Did you know that Macquarie University is the oldest university-based chiropractic department in Australia?
Macquarie’s Bachelor of Chiropractic Science offers students the opportunity to attain knowledge and develop a broad range of skills in the health science domain. This three-year, full-time degree program comprises the first stage of training required for professional chiropractic practice and provides students with a strong scientific foundation, leading to comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the human body, the dynamics of biological change and variability, and the exploration of human interaction with the environment in states of both health and disease.

Students study the basic sciences, anatomy, histology, physiology, bio-mechanics, microbiology, pathology, psychology, radio-graphic physics and research methodology, in addition to chiropractic diagnostic and manipulative skills.
By the conclusion of this degree, graduates will be able to demonstrate their ability to apply their knowledge and skills to a broad range of relevant clinical problems, using appropriate communication skills, judgement and problem solving capabilities.

Learning and teaching methods

During this program, you will be exposed to a number of different teaching methods which aim to facilitate your learning. These methods are not identical for each subject (called units), but essentially consist of varying combinations of lectures, practical classes and tutorials, plus set activities which you need to complete in addition to the face to face teaching sessions.
The goal of the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science is to ensure that you complete the degree having attained a set of defined competencies (known at Macquarie University as “Graduate Capabilities”). In order to develop these, every unit you study will utilise a specific combination of teaching methods which are most appropriate for that purpose.
Lectures in this degree largely aim to provide a framework upon which you can build further knowledge and skills. Tutorials usually provide the opportunity to enhance your understanding of specific topics, as well as allowing you to communicate with your peers, share opinions, and develop more complex ways of thinking. Practicals have many functions, depending on the subject area. Essentially, they will require that you apply your knowledge in a practical setting, and complement your thinking with doing.
Anatomical sciences are studied in the three years of the program, incorporating lectures, tutorials and practical sessions. The practical sessions use a variety of resources, including anatomical models, skeletons, X-rays and cadavers. Learning human anatomy by seeing it in three dimensions is highly effective. Having the opportunity to feel anatomical structures on living subjects is another invaluable method used in the teaching of these units.

Macquarie University offers a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science
Find out how you can study chiropractic science (Image: Macquarie University)

Chiropractic science units include lectures and practical classes. Much importance is placed on the latter, as it is here where you will develop your psychomotor skills, preparing you for higher level clinical training in the Master of Chiropractic degree. Macquarie also will provide you with specific times during each session during which you can practice your skills in a safe and supervised environment.
In some subjects, you will have the opportunity to become involved in peer-assisted learning programs, in which students who have recently completed a unit help current students with any problems that they may have in understanding the subject material.
What you do outside the formal classes, such as completing selected readings, completing specific exercises, and researching for assignments, is just as important. It is here that you develop your ability to acquire information from reliable sources, develop organisational and critical thinking skills, allow for self-reflection, and become a responsible learner, an essential requirement for life as a future health professional.

Bachelor of Chiropractic Science

Program: Bachelor of Chiropractic Science
Location: North Ryde, Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: February
Duration: 3 years
Application deadline: Rolling admissions. Applications close when the program is filled. Candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible.
High school diploma with a minimum of 65% average or higher.
Grade 12 Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics are recommended studies for chiropractic units although introductory units and bridging courses are available for students without this background. Students without Grade 12 Chemistry or Chemistry below Grade 12 will be required to take at least one additional unit at first-year level which will enable them to acquire the above recommended knowledge. Other units taken as part of a degree may require assumed knowledge, prerequisites or recommended studies.

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