Macquarie University Global Leadership Program

7 April 2016

Research has indicated that professional skills coupled with international experience in graduates are regarded as unique, competitive, and exceptionally advantageous. More than 70% of multinational firms are seeking graduates with cross-cultural experience.

Macquarie Global Leadership program
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The Macquarie University Global Leadership Program (PG) aims to equip postgraduate students with these competencies.  Furthermore, postgraduate students who participate in the GLP will be able to augment already developed skill-sets and gain access to diverse areas of knowledge and experience.

What is the Macquarie Global Leadership Program?

The Macquarie University Global Leadership Program is an extracurricular program that can be undertaken alongside any degree at Macquarie. It provides you with unparalleled opportunities to enhance your study experience and develop important leadership skills.
The Global Leadership program has been designed so that you not only learn global skills and understanding—you put them into practice by studying, volunteering and participating in activities in Australia and overseas. Successful completion of the GLP will see you receive a certificate of completion and a notation on your transcript, which can provide a competitive edge in the global employment market.
Macquarie’s Postgraduate Global Leadership Program will equip you with the leadership potential, professional skills and international experiences to pursue a truly international career.

What does the GLP involve?

Think Tanks
LP students will attend 6 Think Tanks to discuss and debate contemporary global issues, facilitated by specialists in their fields. Think Tanks require postgraduate students to make an informed argument about several global issues from a number of disciplines and allow collaboration with students from different academic and professional backgrounds.
Attending facilitated Think Tanks regarding relevant and contested global issues will allow postgraduate students participating in the GLP to extend their research and critical thinking skills beyond the passive learning experience of lectures and allow them participate in an environment of discussion, participation and learning.
Approved Events – Two Seminars
Macquarie University GLP students will participate in two keynote speaker events of their choice per session as advertised by the GLP regularly. These seminars could be anything from a GLP-run Foreign Affairs Series to a Lowy Institute event or an international or cross-culturally themed talk at Sydney Opera House.
Cross Cultural Practicum
Engage in one unit of Cross Cultural Practicum. This may be a short-term program, a Global Leadership Symposium—International, volunteering or attending conferences.
Postgraduate students will engage in one cross-cultural, internationally focused practical experience as part of the Global Leadership Program. This experience can be undertaken at any stage during enrollment in the GLP.
Innovative Leaders Series
Students will attend a bi-annual Innovative Leaders Series event, network with fellow students, academics and industry professionals and be an audience to a keynote address by a pioneering leader. The Innovative Leaders Series is a unique opportunity open to students undertaking the GLP. A series of genuinely pioneering, innovative leaders will inspire and inform Global Leadership Program students.
At each event you will be exposed to the leadership and international experiences of professionals in academia, business, government, international relations and non-profit sectors. The evening will include a networking session where you can relax and meet other GLP participants.

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