JCU Medical School student reviews

16 September 2014

What’s it like to study at JCU Medical School? Read our student reviews!

2014 Intake Reviews
“The opportunities it has provided me as far as education and training of Medicine in remote areas. If you want a program and school that focuses on your success, James Cook University is where you should apply. The courses are structured to give you ample of first hand experience as well as making sure that you are able to understand what is expected of you. The cost of living is very high over here compared to the USA.”

JCU Medical School
Study medicine at JCU Medical School

“It’s a lot different than being in Canada. Especially since Townsville is a small city. It allow you to meet a lot of different kinda of people. I like that it’s a relatively small group so we all take the same classes together. It allows you to get to know other students easier. I dislike how they change professors every few weeks. I suppose it is a good thing if you don’t like a professor, but that’s not always the case. It’s a good program to do medicine in. Since it is relatively small you can ask questions without feeling nervous. There are a lot of older students ready to help you during class time. Townsville is a nice place to learn.”
“Like: location, beautiful weather except during rainy season. MBBS at JCU offers the most clinical practice out of any uni starting in very early years and progressively adding more. Its a very practical program preparing you well for the work places dislike: the constant switching of various professors. The weather, the subtle changes in culture and most of all the friendly Australians. JCU MBBS is a great program allowing students to enter the clinical skills early in the program. With over 1000 hours of practical training, JCU students are able to practice with confidence and have the most experience out of many universities. JCU allows students to not only learn the material but apply it very early on starting in year 1 giving a great reputation for the school of medicine in the workplace.”
“I would not recommend staying on campus if you are an upper year student. It does not seem conducive to studying at all. I would say if it is your dream to become a certain professional, than don’t let Canada be your only stomping ground. Look abroad and see what the world has to offer.”
“i don’t regret this decision for a minute. The program is really interactive and you will be able to do placement even in your first year. Everyone wants you to do well and will try their best to help you to the best of their ability. You get to meet people from all over the world and learn their different cultures too.”

About James Cook University Medical School

JCU Medical School specializes in rural and remote medicine. The JCU program has a unique place among Australian medical schools. The course is undertaken entirely in northern Australia and has an emphasis on tropical medicine, the health of rural and remote communities, and of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders. The medical program is informed by a concern for social justice, innovation and excellence in medical education, research and service.

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