JCU Dental Students: What to Expect in Dental School

22 November 2023

What should you expect in dental school?

OzTREKK recently hosted a webinar with two current dental students, Parshast and Nate, who’ve just started their journey in Australia at James Cook University Dental School.

students walking outside James Cook University Dental School

Fresh off the application process, both Nate and Parshast applied to dental school straight from high school, and began their first year together as roommates. Both were eager to help future dental students when we reached out with our webinar proposal.

Here’s a sample of some of the things they talked about during their Q&A period!

When should you start your application?
When asked about when they began the “application process,” both Parshast and Nate agreed: Start in January if you can. That’s almost full year before the Bachelor of Dental Surgery begins (February each year).

But why apply so early, you ask? Because it allows OzTREKK to get to know you. We want to provide students with the best advice possible, and we want everyone to feel prepared. Applying early ensures you won’t miss any deadlines, and it gives you the opportunity to participate in webinars and attend in-person events in your area so you feel more comfortable with your decision to study abroad. We’ll also prep you with a timeline, so you’re never caught by surprise, what to expect during your interview, and much more.

What was it like to go from high school straight into dental school?
Both Nate and Parshast applied while they were still in high school. While they mention it was more intense and takes some time to adjust, they say it’s all about “time management.” Once you get into your groove and develop good study habits—at keep to it—you will find success.

In this clip, they offer some advice for future dental students:

Webinar Highlights

  • Your program and university options (and OzTREKK’s all-in-one free application)
  • What to expect when you apply to an Australian or NZ dental school
  • Prerequisites, DAT, GPA (so you can get prepped!)
  • How the universities assess applications
  • How OzTREKK supports you during the entire process
  • Your pathway options after graduation—staying in Australia or coming home
  • Parshast’s and Nate’s insider tips about being a Canadian studying dentistry in Australia

If you’re interested in watching the full webinar, please reach out to dentistry@oztrekk.com and we’ll send it your way!

About the JCU Bachelor of Dental Surgery

The JCU Bachelor of Dental Surgery program is a five-year undergraduate degree that provides students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to become competent practitioners of dentistry. It is a broad-based program which includes all aspects of dental practice but also has a special focus on issues of special concern to the northern Australian region, particularly those relating to tropical, rural and Indigenous practice.

Program: Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
Location: Cairns, Queensland
Intake: February each year
Duration: 5 years

Start your application to JCU Dental School!

Would you like to learn more about studying dentistry in Australia or New Zealand? Please contact OzTREKK at dentistry@oztrekk.com for more information. We’re here to help!

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