Is Chiropractic School in Australia Right for You?

30 November 2022

Is chiropractic school in Australia right for you?

It might be!

One of the things we enjoy most about working with our students is their enthusiasm for sharing their overseas education experiences for the benefit of new students.

Meet Poonam and Manjot, two OzTREKKers currently studying the Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

chiropractic students manjot and poonam
Macquarie chiropractic students Manjot and Poonam

Their goal is to one day open their own chiropractic clinic.

Read on to learn about what they have to say about studying in Australia, plus their advice for future chiro students!

Why chiropractic and what are their chiropractic career goals?
Like many other students who have a passion for rehabilitation sciences, both Poonam and Manjot have athletic backgrounds, an interest in body biomechanics, and have firsthand experience with the art and science of rehabilitation.

What encouraged them to choose chiro is its holistic approach to care and that “it’s an ever-evolving field which means that there’s so many different options for how you decide to pave your career path.”

Are there opportunities to work with any sports teams?
As you get into the final years (second and third year of the master’s program) there are plenty of opportunities.

In 2022, the upper-year students helped at the Western City Marathon, City2Surf (a massive run/walk in Sydney), the New South Wales Koori Rugby League Cup, and a few other runs in the city.

There are always lots of events going on, and Macquarie encourages you to get out to these events, especially in a degree like chiro where hands-on experience is key.

sydney new south wales
There’s always lots to do in Sydney, New South Wales!

What is there to do in Sydney?
Poonam and Manjot have been able to find the time to do plenty of sightseeing in Sydney, despite arriving during an unusually rainy season.

There is always so much going on: festivals, markets, cultural days… you name it! If you head out on a weekend to the Sydney CBD or some of the larger suburbs, you’ll be sure to find something to do. If you love the outdoors, you’ll love the coastal and bush walks, trips to the beach, and whale watching.

Their advice? Do some research, as there are plenty of Instagram pages that keep up with things going on around the city!

They’re also looking forward to exploring other parts of Australia. Several smaller airlines frequently have sales/promotions on trips to Melbourne, Brisbane, and other cities. If you do a little planning, you can make the most out of even a tight budget!

What about Macquarie University’s campus and sports facilities?
Students of all disciplines love Macquarie’s campus. The university has done some major renovations, with some still ongoing. Many of the main buildings on campus are brand new, rejuvenated, and uplifted. There are plenty of cool spots to find on campus to eat, study, or hangout, including the new central courtyard that has everything you need.

macquarie library
Macquarie is home to one of Australia’s most well-known university libraries

The campus has a sport and aquatics centre where you can find an outdoor swimming pool, a large weight room, basketball courts, soccer field, and much more! As a Macquarie student, you also get a discount on the membership fees if you choose to join.

And don’t forget about Macquarie’s iconic and huge library, with dedicated areas, like Presentation Practice Pods, Quiet Rooms, and postgraduate study spaces.

Are there any clubs or associations?
The couple highly recommend that new students attend official Orientation activities, not only for the free stuff, but also to learn about the myriad of student clubs available.

The Macquarie University Chiropractic Students’ Association (MUCSA) holds many events throughout during the semester, including an annual chiro vs. physio soccer match, a fancy ball, a cruise, and a few others—all great ways to interact with other chiro students from upper years (and to just have a good time)!

Manjot has plans to join various sports clubs such as soccer and basketball once first year has concluded and he has a better grasp of how best to manage the study/life balance. “There is a great selection of clubs to join,” he says, “and everyone is so friendly and inviting, so you won’t feel left out or alone!”

Where is the Macquarie North Ryde campus?
Macquarie University’s Wallumattagal Campus (the main campus) is located 15 kilometres from Sydney’s city centre, and in one of the largest business and technology precincts in the Southern Hemisphere. North Ryde is considered a suburb of Sydney.

Wally’s Walk at Macquarie University

Macquarie’s campus is approximately an hour’s transit from the Sydney CBD, so the couple recommend careful planning to ensure that city-bound students set aside adequate time to enjoy the trip. Manjot and Poonam insist the transit system is great and a definite benefit to those who choose not to invest in a vehicle.

The Macquarie University train station (right on campus!) and a network of public bus routes connect the North Ryde location with the city centre, airport, beaches, residential suburbs, and shopping and dining districts like Chatswood and Parramatta. The campus is  also within walking distance to a major shopping centre that has everything you would need—from groceries to food to household construction.

What advice do you have for students interested in this discipline?
Poonam says, “I think the biggest piece of advice I’d have for anyone interested in chiropractic or those who are gearing up to start their programs next year is to be open to learning and be open to feedback!

“The chiropractic program here at Macquarie is super hands-on. Especially when it comes to your chiropractic skills classes, it’s important to remember that much like a sport or playing an instrument, chiropractic is a craft.

“You are not going to be amazing at everything on your first try! It’s not as simple as your chiropractor or social media make it seem; it takes a whole lot of practice and experience to nail adjustments and techniques. You have to walk into each and every class with an open mind, be eager to learn, and accept feedback from your instructors. You will not be perfect the first time you try things, but with practice, you’ll get there!

“In addition to your regular classes, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the semester to attend supervised practice classes. I’d also recommend teaming up with a few of your mates and purchasing a massage table or a portable chiropractic table so that you have somewhere to practice outside of class before exams. Practice makes perfect!”

macquarie chiropractic students
Macquarie chiropractic classes (Photo by Chris Stacey)

Manjot agrees. “The degree is definitely a hands-on type learning. There are a lot of practicals that you have to take each semester to aid in your learning of the skills. Having said that, my schedule hasn’t been overwhelming and it’s very manageable if you can allocate your time properly.

“The uni has so many resources to aid in learning and to help you if you are struggling. The staff is amazing and only want you to succeed and will help you get the best marks possible.

“You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn in the first year and see how your skills develop from semester to semester. When you see your hard work paying off, it’s so rewarding. You just keep building on your ambition to become a chiropractor!”

How about some general advice for those considering studying in Australia?
On renting: “Have sufficient funds. Sydney can get expensive if you do not budget. Eating out is the main factor to that price along with rent pricing. Sydney recently had some interest rate hikes, which resulted in landlords increasing rents; that’s one thing to look out for when renting. You’ll also typically find rates to be higher if you are closer to a metro station or if you are closer to the CBD. Finding a roommate is also a recommendation as it will ease the burden of rent. On the topic of rent, it is paid weekly!”

On prices: “When paying for items, tax is included in the price. At first it’s alarming at how expensive everything may seem, but you just have to remember you don’t pay tax after the final tally.”

On phone plans: “Phone plans are very cheap here, which is awesome! We decided to go with Vodafone as it was the cheapest option out of the major companies here. We also have an outrageous amount of data for $40 (160GB of data). We didn’t choose to buy a phone plan right away when we landed from the airport as that’s a popular choice for some students.”

On arrival: “We got an Airbnb close to the school and area we were looking at to rent. That Airbnb ended up being near the shopping centre where we set up our phone plans and bank accounts that same day.

On electrical items: “Power sockets are also different here, so for anything you would need to plug in, make sure to have a converter or just simply buy it when you get to Australia.”

“My advice for future students is to just go for it!” Manjot says. “I was also hesitant at first—leaving behind my family and a city that I loved and was familiar with. Slowly, as the months go by, you look back at the time you arrived, and it felt like it was just yesterday. Time truly does fly!”

“I can honestly say that I’ve loved each and every moment of this first year,” Poonam says. “I’m so excited for what’s to come!”

Check out Poonam and Manjot @the.chiro.couple where they share their life and adventures!

About the Macquarie University Chiropractic School

The Macquarie University Department of Chiropractic has state-of-the-art facilities to enable teaching of manual therapy and patient assessment. Purpose-built rooms for radiology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and case management complete the space.

Program: Bachelor of Chiropractic Science
Location: North Ryde, New South Wales
Semester intake: February
Duration: 3 years
Application deadline: Rolling admissions. Applications close when the program is filled. You’re encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Program: Master of Chiropractic
Location: North Ryde, New South Wales
Semester intake: February
Duration: 2–3 years (depending on your educational background)
Application deadline: Rolling admissions. Applications close when the program is filled. You’re encouraged to apply as early as possible.

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