I think I just got into medical school

5 May 2021

“I think I just got into medical school…”.

jcu medical student
“I think I just got into medical school!” (Image credit Rahat Sheikh)

These were the first words that came out of Rahat’s mouth after he received an offer to study medicine at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia.

The journey to medical school is an arduous one for many students, with thousands of hours spent studying and preparing to apply. When that email arrives saying, “You did it! You got in!” it can be incredibly overwhelming. Suddenly this thing you’ve been working toward is no longer a far-off dream—it’s reality.

Your reality.

Rahat Sheikh, now a current student in the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program at JCU, was in complete disbelief when his acceptance email arrived.

In his So I Got into Medical School Vlog, he describes a total out-of-body experience. He picked up the phone to call his parents immediately after receiving his offer, as he was walking to the store to buy laundry detergent. He was in such a daze that he exited the store without paying for his goods. He was jolted back to reality when the store clerk said, “Hey buddy, are you going to pay for that?”

It is not uncommon to feel disbelief and panic. “What’s next? Is this real? What happens now?” are things many students are thinking. Rahat has some suggestions:

  • Take some time to process. Go for a walk, sit back in your favourite chair, and turn off your mind for a little while. Let the news sink in.
  • With help from OzTREKK, begin looking at your next steps. Explore your financing options and chat with your family about your offer.
  • Ask for help. Don’t let your thoughts overwhelm you!
  • Let yourself feel excitement—this is a huge accomplishment and something to feel proud of.

At the end of Rahat’s Vlog, he summarizes the overarching feeling that students have after receiving an offer to medical school: “I’m still trying to process all of this, but I guess I’m going to be a doctor now!”


Are you interested in studying medicine? We can help. Contact OzTREKK’s Medicine Admissions Officer at medicine@oztrekk.com to learn more about your options.

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