Griffith dentistry facilities

5 May 2015

The new $150-million purpose-built Griffith Health Centre, established in 2013, features state-of-the-art special-purpose dental facilities to assist Griffith Dental School students’ professional learning. Modern laboratories, including a commercial dental laboratory, will help them develop key skills in a fully supervised environment.

Griffith Dental School
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Dentistry and Oral Health Clinic

The clinic was established not only to provide dental treatment to the local community, but also  to provide a quality facility to train dental professionals (including technicians, prosthetists, therapists, hygienists and general and specialist dentists) of the future.
Some of Griffith University‘s first-class clinic facilities and services include

  • 96 chairs, of which more than 40 chairs are for undergraduate students, a number of chairs for postgraduate students and several private suites; and
  • experienced general and specialist practitioners will supervise all of the treatments Griffith dentistry students perform.

Medical Clinical Skills Centre

The Clinical Skills Centre is a purpose-built learning environment where students can practice medical clinical skills in a safe and controlled setting. Clinical skills are learned using a variety of methods, including tutor-led and self-directed learning.
Griffith Dental School students will use this centre for learning basic medical clinical skills to understand the human body and examination of different systems through structured workshops.
Program: Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science/Graduate Diploma of Dentistry
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Semester Intake: February
Program Duration: 5 years
Application Deadline: September 30, 2015

Entry Requirements for the Griffith University Dentistry Program

To be eligible to apply to Griffith University Dental School’s Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science, applicants must have

  • academic achievement in year 12 or equivalent with one of biological science, chemistry, physics, or maths B;
  • demonstration of English proficiency.

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