The Deakin University Doctor of Medicine is something to get excited about!

9 December 2019

The Deakin University Doctor of Medicine program is something to get excited about!

Deakin University Medical School
Find out how you can study medicine at Deakin University

Whether you’re interviewing with Deakin, inquiring about their program, or just speaking with Vanessa at an OzTREKK Study in Australia Fair, it becomes very evident that Deakin has a student-first mentality. Of course, you will need to indulge further than this blog to get the whole picture of what we’re am talking about, but I want to help get you started by highlighting why OzTREKK loves the Deakin MD!

World-class Health Precinct
Deakin has the state-of-the-art Epworth Geelong Hospital adjacent to the university, which recently opened for business. Treating 46,000 patients annually, the Epworth is a short walk from the Deakin School of Medicine. They also have their new $47-million medical and research facility, the Deakin University Regional Community Health Hub (REACH); the Metabolic Research Unit; research links with CSIRO and University Hospital.

Plenty of Clinical Experiences
Deakin MD students are based completely within clinical schools for the third and fourth years of their degree, rather than on campus (i.e., they are embedded in a health service, on clinical rotations, for the final 2 years of their degree). Most of these rotations are completed in Australia, though there may be short-duration study opportunities internationally during the program (e.g., faculty-led study tours to Vietnam, India and East Timor). For international rotations, Deakin MD students have a 6-week elective period in the final semester of their degree, which they can undertake anywhere with appropriate supervision. If students are keen to work back in Canada or the US after they complete their intern year, OzTREKK strongly recommends doing this elective in Canada or US, if they are able to do so.

This community of students is part of what makes the Deakin MD a great experience. They do this by advocating for the student body, connecting you with opportunities in careers and community, and creating social events so you can let loose. Don’t take our word for it though: MeDUSA had current MD students Paolo, Krista, Brendan and Junaid to bring you this message. Check it out!

Great Employment Outcomes
For 2016–2018, 100% of Deakin graduates found employment after their studies. Deakin doctors graduate with a focus on rural and regional health. As students have the chance to work in such diverse experiences, Deakin creates well-rounded students who are not only knowledgeable about medicine, but also well-experienced with the soft skills (ethics, patient relations) needed to be a doctor.

Check It Out for Yourself!
If you are considering applying to medicine in Australia, we recommend getting to know Deakin as an option!

About the Deakin Doctor of Medicine

Program: Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Location: Waurn Ponds, Victoria
Semester intakes: January
Next intake: January 2021
Duration: 4 years
Application deadline: TBD (Usually 3 rounds)

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