Deakin Medical School GPA calculation changes and what it means for you

15 July 2020

Deakin Medical School recognizes that the COVID-19 disruption has affected many students in their learning, and that study results awarded in 2020 may not necessarily reflect students’ abilities.

The School of Medicine has carefully considered all options regarding these disruptions and believe the most equitable and transparent approach to assessing all applicants to the Doctor of Medicine is a change to the calculation of the grade point average (GPA), one of the criteria for admission in to the course.

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As a result, the calculation of the GPA will change, and won’t include students’ 2020 results.

To compensate for the removal of 2020 results, greater weighting will be given to applicants’ most recent year of study prior to 2020. Both the GPA and GAMSAT results are used to determine eligibility for an interview prior to final ranking for a place in the medical program.

GPA calculations explained

A the 2020 calendar-year results will not be used in the GPA calculation, the info below outlines how the GPA will be calculated for applicants at the different stages of studies.

  • Applicants completing their qualifying degree in 2020 will have a GPA calculated based on their two most recent years of study prior to 2020.
  • Applicants studying in the final year of their qualifying degree in 2020 who have completed at least 0.25 FTE (full-time equivalent) of their final-year requirements prior to 2020, will have their GPA calculated as Final – 2 x1, Final – 1 x2 and Final x3 / 6.
  • Applicants studying in the final year of their qualifying degree in 2020 who have completed less than 0.25 FTE (full-time equivalent) of their final-year requirements, will have their GPA calculated from the Final – 1 and Final – 2 years only. Years will be progressively weighted x5 and x1 / 6 to give greater weight to the most recent results.
  • For applicants currently studying a standalone honours degree, the final-year GPA will be calculated using numerical subject grades if at least 0.25 FTE (2 units) was available prior to 2020. If results are not available, the GPA will be calculated on the final 2 years of study in their undergraduate degree with the x1 and x5 / 6 weighting applied.

The approach of not including 2020 results in the GPA calculation will continue to impact selection for a period of 10 years.

Online multiple mini interview

Deakin University has also modified their interview process for the 2021 intake. The interview structure will remain in the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format online with a reduced number of stations. Eligible applicants will be invited to attend the MMI, which will consist of six 5-minute stations:

  • Communication skills
  • Commitment to rural and regional practice
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Health promotion
  • Self-directed learning

When will interviews be held?

Interviews will be held via Zoom in rounds beginning in the spring. Applicants will be provided with further details about the online set-up when invited to an interview.

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If you are considering applying to medicine in Australia, we recommend following Deakin University Doctor of Medicine student and OzTREKK Ambassador Ryan Churchill, as he documents his med school experience on Instagram and through his weekly vlogs on YouTube.

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