Career opportunities for occupational therapy graduates

16 September 2016

A degree in occupational therapy provides a breadth of employment opportunities: working with individuals, small groups, organisations or communities. Occupational therapists work in many settings including hospitals, rehabilitation, private practice, community health, early intervention, social services, schools, government agencies, industrial and commercial organisations, mental health services, homes, and supported housing. After gaining relevant workplace experience further career opportunities exist in education, management and research.

Career opportunities for occupational therapy graduates
Study occupational therapy at Monash!

The Master of Occupational Therapy Practice program at Monash University is a full-time course over two years from July to May (mid-year intake). It will operate over 72 weeks and include 1000 hours of fieldwork education commensurate with World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists (2002).
Monash University strives to develop OT graduates who are

  • occupation-focused, socially responsible, culturally respectful, and globally aware;
  • critical, self-reflective, flexible and collaborative in their approach to their work;
  • effective communicators, team members and ambassadors of an occupational perspective of health;
  • able to critically appraise, apply and translate knowledge into practice;
  • able to innovate, create and facilitate professional practice / knowledge development; and
  • committed to lifelong learning and advancement of the occupational therapy profession.

Higher achieving students may be eligible to complete this as research to the equivalent of honours standard to be eligible to apply for a research masters or PhD program on completion.

Monash Master of Occupational Therapy Practice

Program: Master of Occupational Therapy Practice
Location: Peninsula Campus, (approx. 40 km southeast of Melbourne)
Semester intake: July
Duration: 2 years
Application deadline: Monash has a general application deadline of October 31 each year; however, candidates are encouraged to apply a minimum of three months prior to the program start date.

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