Career Advice: Figuring Out Your True Calling

11 April 2023

What’s your true calling?

Dr Arora Canadian dentist and Melbourne DDS graduate
Canadian dentist and Melbourne DDS graduate Dr Arora

It’s certainly a loaded question and one we suspect you’ve asked yourself.

We had University of Melbourne Doctor of Dental Surgery alum Dr. Arora share how she narrowed down her true calling. She ultimately landed on dentistry; however, her advice is relevant to anyone considering their future career.

Here are some key takeaways from our chat with Dr. Aurora:

Consider You Values and Skills
What do you value? Dig deep. Create a list of things that you genuinely value (as well as those you don’t). Is it family time? Travel? Interacting with people? Do you value sleep? (Does anyone not value sleep?)

What skills do you have? Are you willing to spend hours (and hours) working on them? Be honest with yourself.

Gain experience
The more you see, the more you know and the more you know about your preferences.

Don’t Choose Healthcare For the Money
Dr. Arora stresses that choosing a healthcare profession for the money is not advised. If it’s money you value most, there are other professions you can make you richer.

Have an admissions interview in your future?
Really taking the time to understand why you want to enter a profession and having an answer other than “I want to help people,” will wow your interview panel.

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