31 August 2020 News

A day in the life of a Juris Doctor

Hi, I’m Lachlan and I’m a second-year Juris Doctor (JD) student in the Law School at UWA. My journey towards choosing the JD was somewhat unexpected.

20 July 2020 Events

UWA Law School Webinar

Are you curious about studying at an Australian law school? How do you come back to practice in Canada? You’re invited to attend the upcoming UWA law school webinar to find out more about the university, the law school, the Juris Doctor program, and how you can use your degree in Canada.

31 January 2020 News

UWA Law School ranked 75th in the world

The world rankings place UWA Law School among the top 100 in the world, in 75th position, up from 126–150 last year. The law school has improved significantly across both its teaching scores and research indicators.

15 January 2018 News

Do you need to write the LSAT?

If you’re considering the Juris Doctor program at Melbourne Law School, or the JD at UWA Law School, you must sit the LSAT, as it is part of the…