Throughout my time studying medicine at JCU, I’ve tried to “master” the exam period and find the best and most efficient way to get through it.

Meet our 2021 OzTREKK Student Ambassadors! Find out who’s in your program area or university. Get real answers from students who are doing it!

Want to be a physiotherapist? Wondering what physiotherapy placements look like? Francis is going to be taking over our OzTREKK Instagram today through tomorrow to give you a glimpse into this exciting aspect of a physio degree.

No one knows what it’s like to live and study in Australia better than our students, so we have asked a few OzTREKK students to document their day-to-day life in Australia, their universities and programs, and much more! Meet our new OzTREKK Ambassadors for 2020!

1 November 2019 News

Become an OzTREKK Student Ambassador

Everyone has a story to tell… what’s yours? We’re looking for people just like you—students who are studying in 2020 to serve as storytellers of the student experience. From moving across the world to making Australia your new home to everything in between, we know choosing to study in Australia is a huge decision.

13 September 2019 News

OzTREKK Ambassadors: Homesickness Update

Alright, the major aspects a lot of people have asked me about when I moved over to the “literal” other side of the world is what about homesickness? How can you move somewhere with no friends, no family, and not have the ability to just take an hour’s drive home and see everyone?

20 June 2019 OzTREKK Ambassadors

OzTREKK Ambassadors: Taking dogs to Australia

When people heard that I was planning to take my dogs with me to medical school in Australia many thought I was crazy. But the truth is, even before I applied to school in Australia, I had already looked up to make sure I could take my dogs. They are a part of my family and going without them was never an option.