Pharmacy programs in Australia are structured quite similarly to that of many other professional programs offered at Australian universities. Students can enter a pharmacy program directly from high school. Students from Canada who have already completed an undergraduate degree can also apply for entry into Australian Bachelor of Pharmacy programs.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours): This is an undergraduate degree. It leads to a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and is designed to equip students for a career in the pharmacy profession. 

Practicing in Canada

Australian Bachelor of Pharmacy degrees are recognized internationally. That means graduates can apply to sit their exams and register as a pharmacist immediately upon their return  to Canada. To practice in Canada, graduates must first apply for certification through their provincial regulatory body.

Currently, in order to return to Canada and gain licensing through the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC), there is a minimum education requirement of 4 years from an accredited pharmacy program. To learn more about this process, please visit our Practicing pharmacy in Canada page.

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Can I stay in Australia to practice?

Canadians who graduate from an Australian Bachelor of Pharmacy / Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours program are eligible to continue the steps to practice in Australia; however, it is imperative to understand the visa process that is associated with continuing to live and work in Australia. Please visit Practicing pharmacy in Australia for more information.

Do I need the PCAT to apply?

No. The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is generally only a requirement in North America, and is not common in Australia. OzTREKK’s pharmacy schools assess applications based on GPA and prerequisites.

Which prerequisites will I need?

Prerequisites vary by university; however, common prerequisites for pharmacy programs include chemistry, biology, higher-level math (calculus and advanced functions) and English. Your OzTREKK admissions officer will outline which prerequisites are required for each program.

Does Australia have a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program?

Australia does not have a Doctor of Pharmacy program. Canadians wishing to study pharmacy in Australia are encouraged to take a 4-year undergraduate program, which at this time is an equivalent format to Canada’s PharmD.

Will I be able to practice in Canada afterward?

Graduate qualifications in pharmacy from Australian universities are recognized internationally. Currently, in order to return to Canada and gain licensing through the PEBC, there is a minimum education requirement of 4 years from an accredited pharmacy program. A master’s program format alone will not meet this requirement (as they are fewer than 4 years in length). OzTREKK recommends students take a 4-year undergraduate program (which currently is an equivalent format to Canada’s PharmD).

OzTREKK has had students graduate with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from an Australian university and successfully become accredited in Canada; however, every student is assessed on an individual basis. Visit the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada website for accreditation and certification information. Upon their return to Canada, graduates must also apply for certification through the provincial regulatory body in the province in which they wish to work.

Please note the above accreditation information is via former OzTREKK students’ experiences. We cannot know what the PEBC will require in 4 or 5 years from now or if the requirements will change, so if you are considering studying anywhere internationally, please stay in touch with the PEBC to ensure you will meet the requirements.

Steps for practicing in Canada

1. Visit Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada for information on licensure in Canada
2. Enrol in Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada
3. Apply to the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada for Document Evaluation and the Evaluating Examination

Please visit Practicing pharmacy in Australia for more information.