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So Here’s the deal.

You’re a Canadian student considering doing your post-grad or professional degree at an Australian university. You could apply directly. Or you could save time, money and considerable hassle by applying through OzTREKK. We’re a Canadian company that officially represents Australian universities, which means we’ll give you invaluable guidance and inside information—and it will cost you nothing. So really, what are you waiting for?

Looking for a specific program?

OzTREKK connects you to medical schools in Australia, dental schools in Australia, physiotherapy schools in Australia, law schools in Australia, veterinary schools in Australia, pharmacy schools in Australia and many other areas.

Why go to university in Australia?

Australia offers top-ranked universities with innovative programs, some available nowhere else.

How can OzTREKK offer free services?

Learn why Australian universities pay OzTREKK to make connecting with the right program fast and easy for Canadian students.

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OzTREKK keeps you up to date with our blog, which features videos, campus events and some great stories from Down Under!
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