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Get real, first-person perspectives from our student ambassadors, and follow them on their journeys!

What do ambassadors do?

Nine OzTREKKers have graciously agreed to document their journeys to help you understand more about their Australian universities, programs, and what living in Australia is really like! Get all the nitty gritty of “real life in Oz” by following us on Instagram and Facebook!

In the video below, you’ll see a combo of OzTREKK student ambassadors and current students chatting about why they are glad they chose OzTREKK to help them achieve their goals!


Emma Blackwood

Macquarie University

Macquarie medical student and OzTREKK ambassador Emma Blackwood


Doctor of Medicine

Started: January 2019
Why study in Australia? Honestly, sometimes it feels like Australia kind of chose me. OzTREKK and Macquarie Uni kind of came into my life just as I started to consider med school abroad and consider global health as a focus for my future career. But the logic I tell myself, to convince myself it wasn’t a spur of the moment “why not” decision is that when I came around to thinking I would study abroad I also had to be happy to live abroad potentially longer than my degree. The Australian healthcare system is very solid and fairly accessible to all people, and the AUD usually hovers near CAD so I know exactly how far my budget will go! But the romantic in me still thinks there was just a pull from Aus, and I just had to follow my heart—hasn’t let me down yet!
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Jacqueline & Levi Atamanchuk

Griffith University

 Started: January 2020

Why study in Australia? Levi and I were in the unique position of applying to medical schools as a couple. Australia was a fantastic option because we were both valued as competitive applicants in several schools. On top of that, we were searching for a world-class medical education to launch our medical careers. Starting medicine is a huge life change! We figured, if we were going to move across the world, we may as well move to somewhere with beautiful beaches, a city with a very similar culture to our hometowns, and a city renowned for its delicious brunch and coffee. Looking back on our first year in Australia, and all that we and the world have been through, we couldn’t be more grateful for our decision.

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Dilpreet Moti​

Griffith University

oztrekk abmassador dilpreet

Started: January 2021

Why study in Australia? The global context offered by studying abroad may be challenging, but has a lot of affordances that may aid my future practice. I am excited to delve into a new adventure that is dually productive as well as self-explorative (not to mention, geographically explorative)! While Australia is a great deal similar to Canada, it is also different, so having some sense of familiarity, not just in terms of societal culture but also in terms of the medical context, is practical and reassuring that my education is going to be worth it!

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Alex Maznic

James Cook University

james cook university medical student

Started: February 2020

Why study in Australia? After finishing up high school I wanted a direct-entry medical program. Canada does not offer it, so I went for the next best thing: Australia. The medical school program in Canada is extremely difficult and I knew logically speaking I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my dreams of being a doctor that way, so I used another route. Another great reason? The weather (ha ha!). Canada’s a little too cold for my liking, so I really enjoy the nice hot beaches in Australia.

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Bilal Hafeez

University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne medical student and OzTREKK ambassador Bilal Hafeez

 Started: February 2020

 Why study in Australia? I have always lived under the cushion of my family and have never really leaped into the unknown. In my head, studying medicine (my dream career) at a top of the world institution… in Australia… is going to be by far the biggest and craziest adventure of my life. If this is the unknown that I haven’t seen before, then my decision to study in Australia is a no-brainer! Looking forward to what’s ahead of me and having a new platform to share it with the world.

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Mili Kakadiya

University of Queensland

UQ medical student Mili

 Started: February 2021

 Why study in Australia? Australia is a place of familiarity to me as I visited the country in 2018. Having family and knowing there’s a similarity to the lifestyle and culture to my home Canada attracted me to Australian medical schools.  

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Tyler Nguyen

University of Sydney

sydney dentistry student tyler Tyler Nguyen

Started: January 2018

Why study in Australia? I applied on a whim because upon researching I discovered I was actually a competitive applicant, but when I got the acceptance from USyd, this muggle couldn’t say no to Hogwarts. Coming from Canada, a year-round vacation spot sounds lovely as well!

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Hannah Popoff

University of Melbourne

melbourne dvm student and oztrekk ambassador hannah hiking with dog

 Started: February 2020

 Why study in Australia? I chose to study in Australia because I wanted a world-class education while creating an adventure for myself with new lifelong friends. Australia has everything from oceans to mountains and the very best range of animals to learn from in the world.

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Becoming an Ambassador

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