Why JCU Dental School?

28 July 2014

Are you passionate about dentistry, but the usual 9 – 5 office timetable and routine seem stale? Are you an adventurer?
You’ve got options!
JCU Dental School offers a 5-year Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), a broad-based program that includes all aspects of dental practice and focuses on issues of concern to northern Australia, particularly those relating to tropical, rural and Indigenous practice. The curriculum integrates the basic sciences with dental clinical sciences and preventive oral health strategies.

James Cook University School of Dentistry
JCU Dental School’s amazing facilities

On successful completion of the course, the graduate will be able to

  • apply an understanding of clinical and scientific principles and health and safety requirements related to the management of oral and dental conditions across all population groups in the community;
  • review legal responsibilities and ethical and social justice principles to ensure respect for all patients, independent of culture, language or background, particularly in relation to confidentiality and consent;
  • assess the oral health and preventive care requirements of individuals and populations especially in regional, rural, remote, Indigenous and tropical contexts and where necessary, formulate, implement and evaluate diagnosis, management and/or referral plans;
  • practice comprehensive dentistry in a range of clinical environments which include community sites within regional, rural, remote, Indigenous and tropical contexts;
  • retrieve, critically evaluate and apply evidence and research methods in clinical dental practice;
  • communicate clearly and coherently through English language and numeracy proficiency, appropriate for patients, families, colleagues and professional audiences;
  • promote and optimise oral and dental health at the individual and community level; and
  • reflect on current knowledge, skills and attitudes and plan ongoing professional development to ensure the capacity to deliver current best practice.

JCU Bachelor of Dental Surgery Program

Program: Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
Location: Cairns, Queensland
Semester intake: February
Duration: 5 years
Application deadline: August 29, 2014

Entry Requirements

1. High School
These qualifications are considered on an individual basis, subject to satisfying prerequisite requirements. A minimum of 92% average, including prerequisite subjects grades: Year 12 or equivalent English, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Biology is desirable. A high level of academic standard is required for entry.
2. Partially or fully completed undergraduate degree
A high level of academic standard is required for entry. Students need to have met the prerequisite subjects at least at the high school level to meet the prerequisite requirements. A minimum of 80% cumulative average across all university studies is required.

Follow OzTREKKs step-by-step guide about how to apply to JCU Dental School!

Don’t forget! The application deadline for the 2015 intake is only one month away! All application documents must be at the OzTREKK office by August 29, 2014.

Do you have any questions about your JCU Dental School application? Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Dental Schools Admissions Officer Adam Smith to answer any questions you may have regarding dental schools in Australia. Email Adam at adam@oztrekk.com or call toll free at 1-866-698-7355.