Who is on your zombie apocalypse team?

9 May 2014

The OzTREKK staff recently held a fun-at-lunch series, and last week’s topic was “Survival”—including how to survive during a zombie apocalypse. Do we really believe there will be a zombie apocalypse? Well, not really. But it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Australian universities in Australia
Be prepared for the zombie apocalypse!

Admissions Coordinator Molly McNulty shared some incredible information regarding basic survival methods during earthquakes and tornadoes, the art of homesteading, and the importance of having a fire escape plan. BTW, we highly recommend that everyone practice his or her fire escape plan!
After much useful information, and some fun and creative quizzes, we felt it was important to establish our zombie apocalypse teams, because hey, you never know when a rare, dangerous zombie-creating virus could break out. Here’s how our teams lined up:
Adam: Dana Scully, Elton John, Peter Griffin
Beth: Dana Scully, Bruce Willis, Spider-Man
Broghan: Walter White (Breaking Bad), Captain Jack Sparrow, Seth MacFarlane
Julie: Abby Scuito, Jon Stewart, Wolverine
Kristyn: Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), Will Smith, Ironman
Matt: Abby Scuito, Jon Stewart, Batman
Molly: Nancy Botwin (Weeds), Jackie Chan, Spock
Nicole: River Tam (Firefly), Angelina Jolie, Batman
Rachel: Walter White (Breaking Bad), Natalie Portman, Spock
Sarah: Abby Sciuto (CSI), George Takei (Star Trek), Spider-Man
Shannon: The Doctor (Dr Who), George Carlin, Darth Vader
On a serious note, here are some real disaster-preparedness programs at Australian universities:


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