What is an audiologist?

5 November 2014

What is an Audiologist?

Macquarie Audiology School
Macquarie Lake (photo credit Kate Boyd)

An audiologist is an allied health professional who diagnoses and manages hearing and balance problems in adults and children. Through intensive academic and clinical training, audiologists provide a comprehensive range of services including

  • Prevention, diagnosis and management of hearing loss and associated communication difficulties in adults and children (This may include the fitting of a hearing device including cochlear implants.)
  • Diagnosis and management of auditory processing problems
  • Assessment and management of tinnitus
  • Evaluation and rehabilitation of balance disorders

Where do Audiologist work?

Audiologists are employed in a number of different settings, including private practices, physician practices, hospitals, medical centres, hearing and speech clinics, schools, universities, community outreach settings and in industry. There is currently a very strong demand for qualified audiologists both in Australia and overseas. The Master of Clinical Audiology program is a recognised qualification in a number of other countries as well, so audiologists have the opportunity to travel and work overseas.

Macquarie Audiology School

The Master of Clinical Audiology at Macquarie University is dedicated to preparing students to become professional audiologists. The university’s audiology program provides supervised clinical placements to hone its students’ professional skills. As well, numerous modules of scientific coursework allow students to learn the scientific fundamentals of audiology and understand the processes that contribute to congenital or acquired hearing loss and vestibular dysfunctions.
Program: Master of Clinical Audiology
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: February
Duration: 2 years
Entry Requirements
To be eligible to apply to the Master of Clinical Audiology program, you must have

  • completed an undergraduate degree; and
  • have achieved a minimum cumulative average of at least a credit average.


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