What do OzTREKK students say about UQ Medical School?

1 October 2014

Earlier this year, the University of Queensland officially announced that it will introduce the new Doctor of Medicine (MD) program in 2015. The four-year graduate-entry MD degree will replace the previous four-year Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program. UQ Medical School will be awarding the MD to students commencing the medical program from 2015 onward.
Designed to produce doctors able to meet the challenges of the new century, the UQ Medical School’s MD curriculum captures the enthusiasm and maturity of its graduate entrants and help them develop into highly skilled medical graduates capable of entering the wide variety of career options open to them.

UQ Medical School
UQ medical students making good use of the OzTREKK Shuttle service!

Key features of the medical program include

  • the simultaneous learning of basic, clinical, biological and social sciences;
  • the improved teaching of communication skills;
  • the use of learning approaches that encourage lifelong learning skills;
  • the incorporation of ethics and professional development as an integral part of the program; and
  • the incorporation of modern information technology and computing skills to ensure that graduates are able to utilize the advances in technology to improve their learning skill and knowledge acquisition.

So, why do Canadians love this Program?

Read what OzTREKK students have to say about UQ Medical School’s medical program!
2014 Intake Reviews
“A well designed program. It’s perfect.”
“Knowledge and approachable professors, excellent anatomy lab. Staring clinical skills right away. That it is an excellent program, and they will be getting a lot out of the experience.”
“The university is beautiful. I really enjoy the pbl aspect of the program. It really helps form strong connections with others in the program and is pretty useful overall. Something I disliked is probably the microbiology pracs. They really didn’t seem useful at all and they weren’t well guided. It’s a great university and program for the most part. I definitely enjoy this new experience and have really learned a lot.”
“Not much to dislike, but a lot to like: great program that is well funded and organised, great people and that includes my fellow students, profs and all the people running this program. awesome university and even better program, structured as if your fellow students are your family, which is good, when you are so far from home.”
“It’s great weather, and it’s easy to navigate compared to other foreign countries. I like the level of flexibility with regards to studying, but I dislike how the program and professors seem very detached from the students they teach. Make sure you are organised before you begin!”
“The weather here is warm and beautiful. It’s much nicer than living under a thick blanket of snow! The Ipswich campus has new facilities which are state of the art. The only exception is their anatomy lab which primarily has plastinated specimens and plastic models. MBBS is a great way to become a doctor and it’s a lot of fun studying at the University of Queensland.”
“The class notes and program structure is a bit disorganized. To plan out travelling and settling down early and ahead of time. To keep on top of coursework and be comfortable with self-directed learning. Like: having different speakers for various lectures, class mates are friendly, good facility for learning. Lecture notes are sometimes not posted on time. That it is a great place to study, an overall good program. Brisbane also has a lot of culture.”
“I am really enjoy the quality of education here at UQ. Very nice academic team, great support. The School of Medicine at UQ is a little bit unorganized at times. I would say that it is an amazing place to study, where the professional and academic staff are eager help you achieve your best.”
“Love that my program is taught in a variety of different formats. It allows me to craft my own learning experience. The large class size has been a bit daunting at times, but it has also meant there are so many people for me to get to know and many ways to be involved outside my studies. UQ has a gorgeous campus and a really wonderful academic reputation. I feel like I am receiving top notch educational quality and have really enjoyed how well-rounded the curriculum is and the dedication the school of medicine staff have been to the student experience.”
“I really like the campus and the program itself overall. The University and the program can be disorganized sometimes but you have to just go with the flow and rely on your peers for information. I really enjoy the clinical practicals that the program sets up. The campus is beautiful and the professors are for the most part really great. The MBBS program and administration can be a little disorganized but the content itself is well organized and is presented in a logical manner. Overall it is a really good program with a lot of great people.”
“It’s great weather, and it’s easy to navigate compared to other foreign countries. I like the level of flexibility with regards to studying, but I dislike how the program and professors seem very detached from the students they teach. Make sure you are organised before you begin!”
“I love Brisbane weather! I appreciate all the additional learning resources that are available to the MBBS students, such as the USMLE tutorials, UQSIG anatomy tutorial groups, TROHPIQ skills day, and SWIM physical examination workshops. Although I am very pleased with UQSOM, I do think that the MBBS class size is too large and, the program could definitely be more organized. I am very glad that I chose to come to UQ.”
“I love the country, people and culture. I also love the MBBS program offered at UQ . Definitely consider coming to Australia to study medicine. No regrets.”
“The weather in Brisbane. It’s always warm. Nice change from 8 months of winter in Canada. Other then that the school is excellent, and I have a great cohort of internationals and locals who make learning engaging and exciting. Like: Lot’s of learning resources. Excellent support networks. I really like my classmates as well. Dislike: Not always super organized. A little large sized cohort. If you can afford it, it’s definetly worth it.”
“I am enjoying the program for the most part and feel at home with quite a large group of Canadians in the MBBS program. I really like the fact that we are given the chance to learn and perform certain clinical skills early (history taking, blood pressure, physical examinations, venepuncture, etc) and I don’t think this is the norm for most first year programs. I think the early exposure is a great advantage. UQ also has an extensive cadaver anatomy lab that I feel is pretty unique among most medical schools, and it has definitely enhanced my overall learning. I feel that I was well prepared for the program having come from a science undergrad background in Canada. The program structure is similar to home in many ways, and I would definitely recommend the MBBS program to my fellow Canadians.”
“The classes and professors are very interactive. Great program!”
“The facilities are fantastic, the campus is great. I dont like that there is a lot of students. It’s really good. I would encourage them to come.”
“Love the program! It is very interactive and i like how they integrate all the knowledge to real life practice. The people are so friendly. Love the program! It is very interactive and i like how they integrate all the knowledge to real life practice. it has been one of the best decision i have ever made! I absolutely love UQ. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help you succeed.”
“It’s a little disorganised. It’s intense, but it has been a good all around experience. You meet some good people with your similar mindset and work with them to achieve your goals.”
“The UQ campus is beautiful and the MBBS program curriculum is structured well. However, at times the course feels disorganized and the class size is quite large. I would definitely recommend it to other Canadians. The quality of education at UQ is great and studying here gives you the perfect opportunity to branch out, meet new people, and experience a new country.”
“The system based approach is quite convenient and the students do a good job of providing additional support. The work load is not too heavy and is manageable. The research opportunities are also great! Australian healthcare and medical education from what I have seen is quite competent and is up to par with Canada. I believe Canadian medial schools are doing Canadian citizens who have left home to come to Australia a disservice by being so stringent and limiting with the residency intake. The canadian system has much to learn from Australia much like Australia has heaps to learn from Canada. I believe both countries would benefit by having a formal partnership.”

Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Medical Schools Admissions Officer Broghan Dean at any time for more information about the MD program at UQ Medical School or if you have questions about medical schools in Australia. Email Broghan at broghan@oztrekk.com or call toll free in Canada at 1-866-698-7355.

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