Vlog it: UQ physiotherapy student shares his experience

7 September 2016

Tired of the same old, same old? We are too.

Why should you choose one university over another? Where should you live? How should you prepare for studying in Australia?

Meet former OzTREKK student Kelvin Phillip, who is currently finishing his first year of the UQ Physiotherapy program. If you’re like many OzTREKKers, you are interested in hearing from actual students in your program of interest. We can tell you that the UQ Physiotherapy program is amazing, that people love living in Brisbane, and that deciding to study in Australia was the best decision they ever made, but it’s better if we let them tell you!

Kelvin has generously agreed to help us—despite his hectic schedule—to answer our questions and more for everyone considering studying in Australia, and more specifically, the UQ Physiotherapy program!

Kelvin doesn’t stop there! Visit his YouTube channel and follow his journey in Australia from the beginning. Find out what it’s really like the first week Down Under, get travel tips and ideas, and learn more about studying physiotherapy at the University of Queensland!

Don’t take our word for it! Read other UQ Physiotherapy student reviews!

“The University of Queensland is a beautiful campus that is very easy to become accustomed to. The staff in the international office are extremely helpful with processing all your papers require us international students very little effort or confusion. As far as I’ve experienced as well the teaching personnel are unbelievable. They are very helpful and approachable. They truly have the students best interests in mind. The campus transit and accessibility is also excellent.  The University of Queensland offers a great Masters of Physiotherapy Program. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly thus far and have no complaints regarding the program. The combination of pracs and lectures helps students grasp concepts quickly and how to relate theory to the clinic. Despite the heavy workload and a few stressful moments with a little hard work everything is very manageable.”

“I like that the program is very hands on and they have a great reputation world wide. what makes it great are the people that are teaching you. We learn from the leaders in the field and get the most current education.”

“I like the fact that the graduate program is small so that i’ve gotten a chance to be friends with all my classmates. Also the university is known for its research and experts in the field of physiotherapy and its great to be taught by all these experts. The program is intense and there is a lot of emphasis on self based learning but it is very interesting and you learn a lot and get a lot of hands on practice as well.”

“The program itself is amazing, what I want to learn about, tough, but necessary in order to be a physio. The location and bus service is great. It is a big beautiful campus, with excellent profs and will learn tons!”

“I love the program and all the lecturers are among the top in their fields and they all will help you in any way they can. The university itself is so beautiful and everyone at the university is so friendly, its an amazing place to learn! The UQ physio program is really diverse with 10 internationals, Kiwis and Australians so its a crazy fun mixture of people! There are tons of other Canadians at the uni so for things like the Olympics you can always find people to celebrate Canada with if you want or are homesick :)”

OzTREKK has got you covered!

If you’re heading to the UQ Physiotherapy program this November, you’ll soon be entering the pre-departure phase! OzTREKK has got your back. We’ll be keeping you up to date and won’t let you forget anything: banking, accommodation, flights, visas… you name it and we’ll cover it. Questions? We are just an email or phone call away!

Would you like more information about studying at UQ Physiotherapy School? Email OzTREKK’s Australian Physiotherapy School Admissions Officer at physio@oztrekk.com.

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