UQ Veterinary School student offers advice for future vet school applicants

18 September 2019

University of British Columbia graduate and former OzTREKK student Nur S. knows there’s more to success than dreaming about it—she pursued it!

As many veterinary science students can tell you, experience working with animals is an important part of deciding whether or not you should become a veterinarian. With her lifelong interest in animals and volunteer experience on her side, Nur decided that studying at the UQ Veterinary School was right for her.

University of Queensland Veterinary School School
Former OzTREKK student Nur S made her love for animals into her career!

Read about OzTREKK student Nur’s experiences as she answers some questions about deciding to become a vet, why she chose UQ Veterinary School, and her tips for future vet school students.

1. Why did you want to become a vet?
I’ve always been interested in animals ever since I can remember. Thus, when I was younger, being a vet seemed like an obvious choice when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. At the time, I didn’t realize there are so many different ways in which someone can work with and help animals; however, my experience volunteering as well my time in the applied biology program at my old uni helped me realize that being a vet really was what I truly wanted. I feel that as a vet,  I’ll be able to be in a profession where I can combine my interest in science, medicine, philosophy, agriculture and welfare to directly make a difference.

2. Why did you choose UQ?
I chose The University of Queensland because of their excellent standing. Besides that, I was impressed with the facilities offered to students in the vet program. At the Gatton campus, there are dedicated facilities on hand besides UQ Veterinary School’s small animal and equine hospitals. This showed me that plenty of practical experience would be up for offer.  Overall, I felt confident in UQ’s ability and dedication to produce competent and capable vets.

3. What’s your program like? Is it more difficult than you anticipated?
The program so far has been more challenging than I expected. The hours are long and you have to give a 100% commitment. That being said, there is a great camaraderie and support from your course mates who are in every single class with you, and their high motivation pushes me to keep striving. Besides that, what I’m learning is pretty fascinating stuff!

4. What’s the most surprising thing about your time in Australia?
Living in the countryside (Gatton) has been a major adjustment for me having lived only in busy cities all my life. For me, that’s the most surprising thing—how I’ve able to adjust and even enjoy living in such a quiet small town. And when I need a change, Brisbane isn’t that far away.

5. Do you have any tips for students thinking of studying UQ vet science?
I would say do your research and have a clear grasp of what you’re getting into for the next five years. Be prepared and always keep your goal in mind.

6. How was it to find accommodation? Do you have any tips for future students?
I am currently living off campus. It wasn’t too hard to find a place and generally, rent is pretty reasonable. My tip would be to make sure your accommodation is not too far from the bus stop if you’re not planning on getting a car.

7. How did you find out about OzTREKK?
I found OzTREKK’s services from the University of Queensland site when I was looking for a quick and easy way to apply. My entire experience with OzTREKK has been really positive.

About the University of Queensland’s Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) program

Program title: Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc)
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Semester intake: February
Program duration: 5 years

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