UQ triathlete looking forward to medical school

6 January 2014

William Maish, formerly of the Sunshine Coast, has his sights set on a medical career that will combine his passion for exercise, nutrition and medicine.

UQ Medical School
UQ Sport Centre

Mr Maish graduated from The University of Queensland’s School of Human Movement Studies this past December with a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (BENS) degree, providing him a strong knowledge base from which to launch his next big challenge—becoming a medical doctor.
“I enrolled knowing the courses offered would provide me the best opportunity for success with the GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test) and future studies,” Mr Maish said.

“There aren’t very many programs where you go from learning about nutrition and exercise one day to dissecting cadavers the next. It was an incredible experience.”

Mr Maish was an active triathlete until mid-year when he eased off his training commitments to focus more on his study and, later, tutoring first- and second-year students.

“My first- and second-year anatomy lecturers amazed me with what they knew and how they taught such complicated content,” Mr Maish said, adding that this led him to tutor other students for the remainder of his studies, which was something he has enjoyed at great deal.

Mr Maish hopes one day to combine his knowledge of exercise, nutrition and medicine to provide a holistic approach to the treatment and prevention of disease. He advises new students to study electives that are interesting, to use the knowledge of lecturers, and to find their own path.

“Don’t just take the easy option and go for good grades; it isn’t as rewarding as striving for excellence in something you enjoy,” Mr Maish said. “Pursue what excites you, not what everyone else is doing. Chase something that is worth getting up at six a.m. every morning for.”