UQ to pay teacher test fees for teacher education students

18 April 2016

The University of Queensland will pay literacy and numeracy test fees for its teacher education students for the next three years.
Provost Professor Max Lu said the decision was made last year when plans to introduce literacy and numeracy testing were first announced.
“UQ is committed to the quality of its teacher education graduates and their capacity to make a positive difference to the students they will teach,” he said.

UQ School of Education
Head of School of Education Professor Merrilyn Goos with (left to right) students Emily Muller, Vishael Narayan, Jordan Duncombe, Eamonn O’Loughlin, Jarrod Golltz, Tessa Hogan and Chelsea Iddon (Photo credit: UQ)

Plans to introduce nationwide literacy and numeracy tests for teacher education students were announced last year and are to be a requirement for all graduating teacher education students this year.
The tests are designed to ensure the quality of teachers entering the workforce.
Professor Lu said the university wanted to ensure current students were not disadvantaged by the addition of the testing fee of $185 per student.
“The university has already set aside funding for the next three years, in the first instance, to pay for its pre-service teachers to sit the literacy and numeracy test.”
Education Minister Senator Simon Birmingham this week confirmed that higher education providers would be permitted to pay for students to sit the tests.
UQ School of Education Head Professor Merrilyn Goos said the university’s commitment to support the students was an important decision.
“High-quality teachers are vital to the future of Queensland, and we look forward to working with the relevant national and state authorities in implementing the tests,” Professor Goos said.
The University of Queensland’s School of Education offers primary and secondary teacher education, with about 400 students graduating each year.

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