UQ Physiotherapy Standardised Patients program

16 January 2015

The University of Queensland congratulates UQ Teaching and Learning Award Winners Team members of the Physiotherapy Standardised Patients Program, at the UQ School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Dr Allison Mandrusiak, Rowena Toppenberg, Katrina Williams.
In 2005, compulsory clinical placements for final-year physiotherapy students were in crisis in Queensland, with limited availability and an uncertain future. An alternative approach to these crucial clinical experiences was urgently needed, driving creation of the UQ Physiotherapy ‘Standardised Patients’ (SP) program. This is a distinctive, intensive and innovative program using trained actors to portray patients in authentic simulated environments.
The three core disciplines of physiotherapy (musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, and neurological) are united to create this cohesive program—a landmark innovation in Australia that is now regarded as a leader in simulated learning in physiotherapy. Its effectiveness was quickly recognised, so when the placement gridlock resolved in 2009, it was obvious that the SP program must continue.
Testament to its sustainability, is that since 2006 the SP program stands as a compulsory clinical ‘placement’ for UQ Physiotherapy students prior to starting their clinical year. This program’s ambitious goal is to help students consolidate three years of knowledge and skills across all areas of physiotherapy and to enhance their readiness for clinical placements—a transition historically regarded with trepidation.
There is clear evidence of the impact of the “UQ model” nationally as it is now implemented by Australian universities as part of the largest simulated learning project funded by Health Workforce Australia.

University of Queensland Physiotherapy School Master of Physiotherapy Studies

The UQ Physiotherapy School offers a graduate-entry two-year Master of Physiotherapy Studies designed for those students who have a bachelor’s degree and wish to gain qualifications to register as a physiotherapist.
The objectives of the physiotherapy program are

  • to provide students with the theoretical knowledge, skills and clinical competencies required of an entry-level graduate in physiotherapy; and
  • to develop abilities to extend knowledge in physiotherapy practice and organizational management, and to provide skills in research for physiotherapy.

Program title: Master of Physiotherapy Studies
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Next semester intake: November 2015
Program duration: 2 years
Application deadline: May 31, 2015

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