UQ Pharmacy Education

2 December 2014

The UQ School of Pharmacy’s research programs are well-developed across a diverse range of areas. Quality, innovative research is a major component of the UQ’s commitment to the delivery of world-class education and health care outcomes. It is what equips UQ students for leading-edge positions on the rapidly changing health care frontier.

UQ Pharmacy School
Study at the UQ School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Education at UQ School of Pharmacy

Research into teaching and learning in both the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula enhances the training of pharmacists ready for the workplace.
The Pharmacy Education Group includes pharmacy researchers who are committed to developing, implementing, and evaluating various aspects of education acquisition and delivery. Researchers in pharmacy education also demonstrate a commitment to the continued education of professional pharmacy practitioners by contributing toward the continuing professional development of the profession.
As well as research into the traditional areas of pharmacy education, multiprofessional or interdisciplinary education research is particularly important as the roles and responsibilities of all health care professionals are altering in response to changes in healthcare delivery. Similarly electronic modes of education are being researched, not only to complement face-to-face education delivery, but also to explore, develop and implement virtual and simulated health care scenarios.
The pharmacy education researchers aim to improve teaching and learning by developing best practice in areas of education which include

  • curriculum development and implementation
  • development and implementation of teaching and learning resources
  • development and implementation of electronic teaching resources
  • assessment and feedback
  • course evaluation
  • multiprofessional education
  • pharmacy practice education
  • experiential education development and implementation


Learn more about studying pharmacy at the UQ Pharmacy School. Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Pharmacy Schools Admissions Officer Rachel Brady at rachel@oztrekk.com or call toll free in Canada at  1-866-698-7355.