UQ occupational therapy and speech pathology application deadline

19 February 2016

Are you thinking of applying to the UQ occupational therapy program or to the UQ speech pathology program? The application deadline of Thursday, February 25, 2016 is quickly approaching!

UQ occupational therapy and speech pathology
Study occupational therapy and speech pathology at UQ

UQ Occupational Therapy program

The UQ occupational therapy program program equips graduate-entry students with the theoretical knowledge, clinical skills and professional attributes necessary for a career in occupational therapy.  In addition to a focus on clinical occupational therapy practice, emphasis is placed on the use of prior skills and knowledge to enhance the effectiveness of occupational therapy practice; and the development of advanced adult learning skills for ongoing professional development.
Program: Master of Occupational Therapy Studies
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Next semester intake: July 2016
Duration: 2.5 years
Application deadline: February 25, 2016

Apply to the UQ Occupational Therapy School!

UQ Speech Pathology program

The UQ speech pathology program is an accelerated program for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree. The program 2.5 years in length and will prepare graduates for a career in speech path across any of the diverse areas in which speech pathologists practice, such as education, health or private practice.
Program: Master of Speech Pathology Studies
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Next Semester intake: July 2016
Duration: 2.5 years
Application deadline: February 25, 2016

Apply to the UQ Speech Pathology School!

Don’t forget: If you have a second program preference at the University of Queensland, particularly the Master of Occupational Therapy Studies, Master of Physiotherapy Studies, Master of Speech Pathology Studies,or the Master of Audiology Studies program, please ensure that you list this as a second preference in the “Program of study” section of your UQ International Student Application for Graduate Coursework Studies application form. If you are not eligible for your first program preference or are not competitive, this will ensure that the university will automatically assess you for your second program preference!

If you have any questions about occupational therapy or speech pathology programs at the University of Queensland, please contact OzTREKK Admissions Officer Krista McVeigh at krista@oztrekk.com.