UQ Medical School and OzTREKK welcome new students

13 February 2014

UQ Medical School proudly welcomed just over 570 new medical students to its program for the 2014 intake—and OzTREKK was there!

University of Queensland Medical School
UQ Getting Started Welcome session

On Friday, Jan. 17, OzTREKK UQ medical students enjoyed the traditional OzTREKK Welcome Breakfast, where they were able to meet and chat with their UQ MBBS classmates. OzTREKK always tries to schedule a welcome meal into our orientations, as it provides a great opportunity for students to meet other new Canadians so that they can establish a network and friends right away. It’s also a great way to meet upper-year Canadians who can show them the ropes so that they know what to expect—and the OzTREKK Welcome breakfast had a few second-year MBBS students on hand to share their stories!
The Year 1 MBBS Welcome Day at UQ was opened by the Jaran Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Company with a Welcome to Country and traditional dance performances.
The first-year medical students were also welcomed to UQ by Professor Debbie Terry, Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor and Professor Darrell Crawford, Head of UQ Medical School. UQ Medical School‘s academic team were introduced to the students and a reading of the Declaration of Geneva was led by Emeritus Professor John Pearn AO, RFD.
Dr Richard Lewandowski, UQ School of Medicine graduate and founder of Operation Smile Australia, gave the students an insight into his career and highlighted the vast opportunities a career in medicine has to offer. Later that day, the new students enjoyed pizza and ice-cream provided by UQMS and their sponsors.
Afterward, OzTREKK Director Matt Miernik chauffeured the OzTREKK Shuttle for the new UQ medical students, helping them maneouver around Brisbane and taking them to various stores to help them set up house, including visits to IKEA, Staples, and the local grocery store—among others! Having a local Australian on the ground in Australia also helps as there are many differences between Canada and Australia, from little things like walking and driving on the other side of the street to buying transit passes and mobile phones to hooking up internet connections.
On the second day of the OzTREKK Shuttle, Matt brought a few students to visit the Gold Coast, Queensland. Yes, while we were freezing here in Canada, they were enjoying a hot day at the beach!
Glad we were there to help you make the transition, guys! Best wishes for your studies in Oz!

UQ Medical School students
UQ Med students enjoy OzTREKK breakfast
UQ Medical School
OzTREKK Shuttle time!
UQ Medical School students stock up at IKEA
UQ Med students in the OzTREKK Shuttle
UQ med students make good use of the OzTREKK Shuttle
Pack the OzTREKK Shuttle!
Enjoying the Gold Coast
Beautiful Gold Coast beach
OzTREKK Shuttle
Trip to the Gold Coast

About the UQ Medical School Program

As of 2015, the University of Queensland intends to implement a Doctor of Medicine (MD) program, a four-year graduate-entry program, which will replace the current four-year Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program.
Program:  Doctor of Medicine (MD) commencing 2015
Location: Brisbane or Ipswich, Queensland
Semester intake: January 2015
Duration: 4 years
Application deadline: UQ Medical School applications are assessed on a rolling admissions (first come, first served) basis. OzTREKK recommends that applicants apply early to increase their chances of timely assessment.

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Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Medical Schools Admissions Officer Broghan Dean at any time for more information about the MD program at UQ Medical School or if you have questions about medical schools in Australia. Email Broghan at broghan@oztrekk.com or call toll free in Canada at 1 866-698-7355.