UQ Master of Applied Linguistics

9 January 2015

Linguistics is the scientific study of language and it explores how humans communicate by examining the relationships between structure, meaning and context.

UQ Master of Applied Linguistics
Study linguistics and language studies at UQ

At the University of Queensland, students will discover how we learn language and use it, change it, share it. You’ll also analyse the social and historical contexts in which various languages are or have been spoken, to understand what distinguishes each language from another. Studying linguistics at UQ encourages students to develop a deeper understanding of how sounds (phonetics and phonology), words (morphology), sentences (syntax), signs (semiotics) and meaning (semantics) can create or confound communication success.

Why study the UQ Master of Applied Linguistics?

The Master of Applied Linguistics program offers a range of coursework focusing on Applied Linguistics subjects. The course has two major roles: as a professional development course, and also as an opportunity to explore options and develop specializations for further study. The intended students in this program are teachers (of English and other languages as second languages), language professionals (e.g., translators, interpreters) and graduates who wish to pursue their careers in language areas. The program offers a range of Applied Linguistics subjects and basic linguistics subjects which enable students to develop basic and advanced understanding of Applied Linguistics, and to undertake research training through the coursework dissertation.
University of Queensland Graduate Linguistics and Languages Degrees
Master of Applied Linguistics
Master of Audiology Studies (vocational, professional program)
Master of Arts (Linguistics)
Master of Arts (Writing, Editing and Publishing)
Master of Arts in Japanese Interpreting and Translation
Master of Arts in Translation and Interpreting (English and Chinese)
Master of Speech Pathology Studies (vocational, professional program)
Plus, Graduate Diplomas and Graduate Certificates are available in all Master of Arts program areas.

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