UQ leads national healthcare review

16 April 2015

UQ alumnus and Professor of Primary Care Research Professor Claire Jackson was appointed to lead an Australian Government review of after-hours primary healthcare services.
The former President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and former Head of UQ’s Discipline of General Practice said the review considered the operation of after-hours services when the Medicare Local arrangements ended in June 2015.

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“The review provided recommendations regarding the appropriate and effective delivery of after-hours services nationally,”
Professor Jackson said.
The review was recommended in the Australian Government’s March 2014 Report into Medicare Locals. Its terms of reference was to seek to clarify the role of general practitioners in after-hours arrangements, policy implications, delivery strategies, infrastructure support and engagement with the private sector. Professor Jackson said the process provided a unique opportunity to review and improve delivery of after-hours services at a national level.
“Primary care reform is a complex and fluid focus and this work combines with other recent reviews to ensure all communities receive high-quality and accessible health services. The review will also offer opportunities to identify and encourage innovative practice. Consumer needs and the challenges experienced in rural and remote regions will be examined as well as previous
evaluations of the current program,” Professor Jackson said.
The report was delivered to the Government on Oct. 31, 2014. Professor Jackson is a general practitioner and student supervisor at Camp Hill Health Care and primary health care at the UQ School of Medicine.

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