University of Melbourne entrepreneurial program ranked in top 25 in the world

26 June 2014

The University of Melbourne’s in-house entrepreneur incubator, the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP), has been ranked 13th in the world by the leading Swedish-based UBI Index.
The Director of Research at the UBI Index, Dhruv Bhatli, described the MAP as an exceptional program.

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“It performs really well on our global benchmark especially on access to network and competence development indicators,” he said. “Furthermore, MAP’s clients have a higher survival and growth rate and perform much better than the global average.”
MAP Manager Rohan Workman said there is a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship in Melbourne that is starting to be recognised globally.
“We’re exceptionally pleased that our hard work over the past two years has been validated by the UBI Index,” he said.
The UBI Index ranks more than 300 university-affiliated business incubators in 67 countries in three performance categories, including value to the ecosystem, value to startup clients and attractiveness of the incubator program.
In total, more than 60 program components were used to compare incubation programs, with the MAP performing highly in both access to a high-quality network and coaching services.
Of the world’s top universities (as ranked by the Times Higher Education Ranking) only the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Accelerator Program and Georgia Tech’s Venture Lab were in the list.
Mr Bhatli said successful entrepreneurial programs require broad support.
“This proves our hypothesis that creating a competitive business incubation program requires a clear focus from the university,” said Bhatli.
MAP is part of the Carlton Connect Initiative at the University of Melbourne.  More information can be found at

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