TEDXJCUCairns 2015

18 August 2015

TEDxJCUCairns 2015 will take place on Oct. 2 at the JCU Cairns Institute, building on the success of last year and once again creating opportunities to hear local ideas worth spreading.

JCU Environmental Sciences
James Cook University Cairns Campus

This year’s speakers will include the following:
Allan Dale – Allan is Professor of Tropical Regional Development in The Cairns Institute at James Cook University and he has a strong interest in integrated natural resource policy and management in northern Australia.
Greta Stanley – Greta is a young singer-songwriter from Mena Creek who has been described as an ‘enchanting new talent’ and her voice has been described as ‘mesmerising.’ Greta has been featured on Triple J and Balcony TV. You can view her Balcony TV performance at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvqOgPqU_uc
Andrew Lane – Andrew is one of only a few Aboriginal architects registered in Australia. Andrew has a unique mix of technical skills and cultural knowledge based on his own Indigenous background and working experience as an architect/project manager since 1992.
Helene Marsh – Helene is Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science and the Dean of Graduate Research Studies at James Cook University.
The TEDxJCUCairns team is busy working with a diverse range of speakers and will be announcing more of the line-up and the theme via the webpage www.tedxjcucairns and twitter @TEDxJCUCairns.
The speakers from last year will come on board as speaker mentors. TEDxJCUCairns will also continue to provide opportunity for work integrated student learning by having students involved in design aspects of TEDxJCUCairns including a graphic design competition for individual branding.
The Cairns Institute is dedicated to providing innovative, solution-orientated research with local, national and global tropical application. Its location in north Queensland provides a real-world context and tropical research opportunities unparalleled in Australia.