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25 April 2016

Located in one of Australia’s most dynamic, exciting and culturally diverse cities, the University of Sydney‘s heritage-listed, sandstone buildings stand side by side with ultra-modern sophisticated ones on main campus. The Camperdown/Darlington main campus is conveniently situated within close proximity to the city’s Central Business District and also to Sydney’s world-renowned, stunning ocean beaches.

University of Sydney Medical School
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The institution’s academic and teaching resources include Australia’s largest university library, and state-of-the-art technical, computing and research facilities. Sydney Uni offers the widest range of research programs in Australia and is one of the top recipients of Australian government research funding.

Take a tour of the University of Sydney!

Camperdown/Darlington Campus
The University of Sydney‘s Camperdown/Darlington Campus is the largest campus and  is 72 hectares of state-of-the-art teaching and learning technology, including six libraries, art galleries, historical museums, perfectly manicured lawns, and the following faculties and schools:

Other important centres, institutes and facilities located at Camperdown/Darlington (partial list):

  • Charles Perkins Centre
  • Student Support Services
  • Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness
  • Sydney University Postgraduate Representation Association (SUPRA)
  • University of Sydney Union (USU)

University of Sydney 2016–20 Strategic Plan

The University of Sydney‘s 2016-20 Strategic Plan was published in March 2016 following a wide-ranging consultation with university staff, students and other key stakeholders.
The plan continues the trajectory that began almost 170 years ago with twin founding commitments to excellence and public service. By 2020, the university aims to

  • invest in outstanding research, ensuring that their best work—work of national, regional and international impact—is well supported with the right people, equipment, and physical infrastructure;
  • deepen their commitment to undergraduate education with a reinvigorated curriculum, so that graduates will develop the skills, knowledge and values they need to thrive and lead in a rapidly changing world; and
  • build a university-wide culture where staff and students are able to realise their full potential.


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