Sydney Pharmacy members receive award for best paper

21 March 2014

The Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy’s Dr Stephen Carter, Dr Rebekah Moles, Professor Lesley White and Associate Professor Timothy Chen have been awarded the Annual Best Paper Award (2013) from the publication Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy.

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Their award-winning paper is entitled “Consumers’ willingness to use a medication management service: the effect of medication-related worry and the social influence of the general practitioner.” This is a fantastic achievement as it is the first time that Australian researchers have won the award since it was established in 2010. The paper examined the relationship between consumers’ thoughts and feelings about their medicines, their perceptions of how pharmacists could help them, and their willingness to use Home Medicines Review.
The results showed that consumers who were more worried about their medicines were more likely to value the pharmacists’ skills, and more willing to use the service. The paper also showed that consumers needed to believe that their general practitioner would approve of their participation. These findings have important implications in the design and delivery of pharmacist-provided services.

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