Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy congratulates NHMRC and ARC recipients

10 December 2015

The Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy recently offered congratulations to Professor Kim Chan, Professor Mary Collins, Professor Deborah Schofield and Dr Fanfan Zhou for their recent National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Australian Research Council (ARC) grant success and on their outstanding research achievement.
Professor Hak-Kim Chan, named as CIA, and Professor Warren Finlay were awarded an ARC Discovery Grant in the amount of $374,000 for their project “The role of electrostatic charge in airway deposition of aerosols.” This project aims to develop a validated mathematical model for accurately predicting deposition behaviour of charged aerosol particles in human airways.

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Professor Mary Collins, named as CIB, along with Professor Iain McGregor as CIA, Professor Inga Neumann as CIC, Dr Michael Bowen as CID, and Dr Andrew Clarkson as CIE, were awarded an NHMRC Project Grant in the amount of $739,105 for their project “Oxytocin as a novel antagonist of the intoxicating and addictive effects of alcohol.”
Professor Deborah Schofield, along with Professor Kathryn North as CIA, and other chief investigators, were awarded an NHMRC Targeted Calls for Research in the amount of $25 million for their project “Preparing Australia for Genomic Medicine: A proposal by the Australian Genomics Health Alliance.” Professor Schofield is leading the economics and translation component of the grant, and this grant builds on her collaboration with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the Garvan Institute for Medical Research.
Dr Fanfan Zhou named as CIC, and Professor Hak-Kim Chan as CID, along with Professor Jian Li as CIA, Dr Qi Zhou as CIB, and Dr Tony Velkov as CIE, were awarded an NHMRC Project Grant in the amount of $728,044 through Monash University for their project “Optimising inhaled polymyxins as a vital therapy for pulmonary infections: A novel biochemical, molecular imaging and systems pharmacology approach.”
In addition, Professor Sallie-Anne Pearson (UNSW) was named as CIB, as part of the Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy‘s Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) in Medicines and Ageing, along with Associate Professor Adam Elshaug as CIA, Associate Professor Ian Scott as CIC, on an NHMRC Project Grant in the amount of $806,176 for their project “Measuring low-value health care for targeted policy action.” This grant is associated with the faculty’s CRE.

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