Sydney Law School 2014 Individual Responsibility and the Law Essay Prizes

19 March 2014

Are you currently studying at Sydney Law School? Sydney has announced that the “Individual Responsibility and the Law” essay prizes are up for grabs!

University of Sydney Law School
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The Essay Prize Competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate law students at the University of Sydney. The judging panel is looking for an innovative and insightful paper and deep levels of research.
The prize is $3,000 and up to 3 prizes of $3,000 will be awarded depending on the quality of the papers.
The purpose of the prize(s) is to support and promote individual responsibility and the law in terms of intellectual inquiry, public discussion and private practice. No disadvantage will attach to essays expressing views which might be described as unfashionable, non-conforming or contrarian.
Essayists must submit their proposed topic and a précis (one paragraph) of their work by Friday, 6 June 2014. Essays are to be handed in by Friday, 8 August 2014. Essays should be provided in electronic (.docx) format. The word limit is 6,000 words.
All submissions must be made to
Winning entries may be published on the Sydney Law School website. The winner will be announced on Friday, September 19, 2014.
While examples of criminal behaviour are an obvious topic, essayists should not feel limited to this field and are urged to think and search broadly for their material. In the complex, closely-connected world which supports and enables our present lives, individual responsibility can, does and must extend well beyond the individual. The following are some suggested areas of focus for 2014:
Large Organizations
The responsibility of individuals in positions of power and authority for the actions of their subordinates, and the consequences. Recent examples could include

  • churches and other organizations linked to child abuse
  • banks and financial companies linked to losses by their clients
  • the press (e.g., phone-hacking and associated activity in the UK)
  • corporations involved in processes and/or products linked to human injury or even death (e.g. asbestos, tobacco, etc.)

Individuals who voluntarily assume responsibility beyond what is expected or required; and the consequences for themselves and others. This is an area of particular interest.
Individual Health and Safety

The individual’s responsibility for the following situations, and their consequences:

  • chronic “lifestyle” diseases such as obesity, diabetes, smoking, etc.
  • individuals undertaking activities known to be high-risk (e.g., boxing)
  • individuals undertaking activities not known/not understood to be high-risk (e.g., swimming outside the flags)

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