University of Sydney Business School cementing US relations

7 April 2015

The University of Sydney has received a glowing endorsement in the United States House of Representatives by Congressman John Shimkus.
The praise was directed at the Industry Placement Program (IPP) arrangement between the University of Sydney Business School and the United States Studies Centre.

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Congressman Shimkus took the opportunity in Congress to thank Joshua Sprake, a Business School Arts Commerce undergraduate who spent several months as an intern at Capitol Hill.
“He has excelled in managing his different commitments and has been able to apply his skills to look outside of the box in many of the tasks that have been assigned to him,” Congressman Shimkus told members of the house.
A valuable learning curve
Joshua noted that certain cultural and political differences between Australia and the United States are “mind boggling” and he was able to view issues from a different perspective.
“I also learnt things that I would not have learnt in a classroom. I learnt about different ways of thinking and different ways of working,” Joshua said.
Just under 50 Australian students have taken up the opportunity to work in the Washington placement program during the past five years. According to Congressman Shimkus, the program has helped to strengthen and preserve the relationship between the two countries. Participating students also earn credits toward their chosen degree while learning firsthand about working in a high-level organisation.
Industry placements available in Australia and overseas
Joshua worked alongside fellow interns from Germany and also Samuel Edwards from the University of Canberra. Congressman Shimkus is obviously pleased with the input from our young Australian ambassadors and hopes they “look fondly back upon their time here and are able to take some knowledge and American values with them throughout their life.”

About the University of Sydney Business School

The University of Sydney Business School is a world-class business school at the forefront of global business and management education.
The business school also offers students studying for selected degrees the opportunity to work for a leading firm as part of their degree, through their innovative Industry Placement Program.
Enrolment into the Industry Placement Program or unit of study is selective and only those students who successfully proceed through the selection process are considered for placements. Students from the Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Commerce combined degrees; the Master of Commerce; the Masters of HR & IR; the Masters of Professional Accounting; the Masters of Logistics Management and the Masters of Transport Management; plus those completing a Bachelor of Economics degree being administered by the University of Sydney Business School are eligible to apply. The selection criteria on which all assessment tasks are based are Commerciality, Teamwork and Leadership, Business Communication, and Critical Thinking.
The Industry Placement Program falls into three main categories:

  1. Local – placements with Sydney-based firms
  2. Regional – placements with regionally located organisations
  3. International – placements in Asia, Europe, and the US

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