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12 December 2017

Occupational therapy can be very rewarding for both client and therapist. Occupational therapists are highly trained health-care professionals, and they define an occupation as much more than a chosen career. Occupation refers to everything that people do during the course of everyday life, including feeding and dressing themselves.

Occupational Therapy at Bond University

Bond University’s Master of Occupational Therapy program is now 1 year old! Here are some of the special highlights that have occurred over the past 12 months.

Study occupational therapy at Bond University
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With two intakes, the first in September 2016 and the second in May 2017, the OT students came from an equal split of domestic and international origins with an eclectic suite of backgrounds. OzTREKK is pleased to say that we’ve sent six students to the Bond occupational therapy program since its debut in September 2016, with four more set to begin May 2018.

Bond was given provisional accreditation by the Occupational Therapy Council of Australia and graduates are eligible for registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Authority (AHPRA) and are also recognised by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists.

Bond occupational therapy students have had various out of classroom experiences presenting information sessions on topics such as safety and assistive devices to aged-care facilities where valuable knowledge has been gained from the real-life experiences of the people who attended.

Students have excelled with two exceptional students being honoured at the Faculty awards evening: Gurjeet Kaur, Executive Dean’s List for Academic Excellence; and Kim Schalaphoff, Vice-Chancellor’s List for Academic Excellence.

Along with developing and delivering a new curriculum, Bond University staff have also been busy publishing eight peer-reviewed publications within their specific areas of interest.
Happy birthday, Bond University occupational therapy!

Master of Occupational Therapy

The Master of Occupational Therapy at Bond University combines lectures, tutorials, workshops, case studies, fieldwork and simulation to embed the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as an occupational therapist. The program focuses on real-world learning with fieldwork opportunities in most courses to help students link theory to practice.

Program: Master of Occupational Therapy
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Next intake: May 2018
Duration: 2 calendar years (6 semesters)
Application deadline: No set deadline. Candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible.
Entry requirements
The minimum academic entry requirement is an undergraduate degree in health sciences or other related degree with

  • one semester of anatomy,
  • one semester of physiology, and
  • two semesters of psychology or sociology or behavioural science.

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