Study in Australia: When should you renew your passport?

20 September 2022

Are you getting ready to study in Australia? Should you renew your passport?

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As we enter our predeparture season and our students look into renewing their passports, word on the street is there’s been some serious delays. In some cases it has taken 3–4 months for the Canadian passport renewal process.

The biggest question we receive? “Do I renew my passport now and wait to apply for my visa, or do I apply for my visa now with my current passport?”

If your passport is valid for the duration of your first semester, there is nothing for you to do now. You can apply for your student visa and travel with your current passport. You will need to complete your renewal when you get to Australia.

If your passport will expire during your studies, you can renew it while in Australia.

If your passport is already expired or is going to expire before you plan to travel, apply for your renewal ASAP. You will be unable to apply for your visa without a valid passport.

If your passport needs to be renewed during your first semester, here are considerations you need to make:

Check your passport’s expiration
Check when your passport expires and plan appropriately around your departure plans. Renewing well in advance is your best bet. It’s easier to apply for a passport renewal in Canada (than from abroad) and to have your renewed passport available when you apply for your student visa.

Know the passport processing times
Keep an eye on the actual processing times (not the standard times) noted on the Canadian Government’s passport processing times.

Know where to submit your passport
If you choose to (or need to) renew your passport before you travel, you should submit the renewal in person, specifically at a Service Canada Centre – Passport Services Office (as opposed to a regular Service Canada Centre). This will usually be your fastest option. Appointments are often required, so plan well in advance.

Know how to submit your passport
Don’t submit via snail mail. This is the slowest (read: stressful!) route. When we last checked, processing times exceeded 17 weeks.

Know where to find assistance
If you need a passport renewal in the next 45 days, you may be asked to provide proof that you need an urgent renewal. OzTREKK can provide a letter of support, but you can also use your CoE or Letter of Offer. There is no guarantee these will expedite your application.

For more information, please visit the Canadian Government’s passport services page.


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