Students starting at Bond University enjoy orientation

15 May 2015

As part of our services, we provide OzTREKK Orientations for our new students after they have landed in Oz.

Bond University Law School
Bond JD student Broghan Dean helps out with the OzTREKK Shuttle service

Over the years, we’ve developed such amazing relationships with our students that each year during the OzTREKK Bond University Orientation, a number of former students give up their time to help us with the campus tour for the incoming OzTREKK students. This year, former OzTREKK employee and now Bond Law student Broghan Dean was kind enough to help out!
The campus tour is fantastic as it not only showcases the Bond campus, but also provides insight into the Bond JD and Bond DPT programs and outlines “local” knowledge so that new students are well prepared for their studies. Getting firsthand insight from upper-year Canadians about how the courses are structured, when to hand in assignments, and what life in Australia is like is fantastic way to jump-start your Australian university experience!
Bond University Physiotherapy School
OzTREKK students at Burleigh Headlands enjoying the view

What else do we do? How about a Welcome Breakfast? We encourage all OzTREKKers to join us for a casual meal in order to get everyone acquainted. Along with the orientation and meal, we also run the OzTREKK Shuttle in order to help students be as prepared as possible before they begin their studies. Need groceries? A cell phone? Computer? We “shuttle” you around to get all the goodies you need so you can feel settled in your new environment.
This year, the campus tour and orientation took place on Sunday, May 10. Of course, no OzTREKK Bond University Orientation is complete without breakfast on Burleigh Headland and watching the surfers catch waves!

A big thank you goes out to Broghan and Beth for offering to show the new Bondies around! Best wishes to everyone who started their studies this term.

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