About Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne

18 February 2015

About Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne

The Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology has a thriving student community comprising more than 30 postgraduate research students, 120 postgraduate coursework students, as well as surgical trainees. The department has a dedicated group of staff focused on students and clear and well-established guidelines for student academic and pastoral care support as well as dedicated student social events.

University of Melbourne Speech Pathology School
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The Master of Speech Pathology is a two-year course is designed to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of speech pathology and to produce graduates who are ready to enter the profession. The first year of the course provides the scientific background in anatomy and physiology, articulatory and acoustic phonetics, linguistics, speech and language disorders, clinical practice and processes. The second year builds on the specialised knowledge acquired in first year, develops clinical skills and introduces students to research methods in the field.
Learning Outcomes
The Master of Speech Pathology degree allows students to gain both theoretical and clinical skills in the areas of communication and swallowing disorders, with a focus on these disorders across the lifespan. The course is the graduate level entry professional degree for speech pathologists with exposure to Australia’s best academic and clinical teaching across paediatric, adolescent and adult populations.
Course Structure
The course consists of formal lectures, seminars, practical work and student presentations along with a substantial clinical component. Students will be scheduled for approximately 400 hours of supervised clinical work during the two-year course. Students are scheduled for clinical experience at various health-care and educational facilities in metropolitan and rural areas in Victoria.

Admissions Criteria/Entry Requirements for Canadians

The University of Melbourne Selection Committee will consider applications from individuals with a science, biomedical science, health-related or other relevant degree that is equivalent to a three-year bachelor’s degree from an Australian university. The selection process will involve consideration of the following:

  • The applicant’s complete academic record, with emphasis on the final year/s of the undergraduate degree
  • Any postgraduate study
  • The relevance of previous studies to the field of audiology or speech pathology
  • The applicant’s personal statement

You should also include your Grade 12 results if you have them. The Selection Committee may also request an interview or contact the applicant’s referees to assess the applicant’s suitability for a clinical career. Entry to these courses is highly competitive and selection is made by a ranking process. It is recommended that applicants have a 75% cumulative average or above.

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For more information about studying speech pathology at Melbourne Speech Pathology School, please contact OzTREKK’s Australian Speech Pathology Schools Admissions Officer Jaime Notman at jaime@oztrekk.com, or call toll free in Canada at 1-866-698-7355.