Shannon’s favourite vegetarian restaurants in Australia

13 October 2017

Whether you’re a vegetarian, a vegan, or a proud meat eater, Australia offers a huge variety of restaurant styles and cuisine! You didn’t choose to study in Australia because you wanted to sit indoors and eat frozen pizza and hot dogs, right?

Shannon enjoying a vegetarian barbecue
Yes, you can have a vegetarian Aussie barbecue!

While famous for their insanely delicious coffee, Australia is also home to many “healthy lifestyle” eateries, and I’ve made a list of some I think you should check out!

Trippy Taco in St Kilda, Victoria
Vegan Mexican? Yes, please. Even though I am not a vegan, this place is great as it can make anything into a vegan option if you should so choose! Cuisine includes tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, breakfast burritos and Nutella and banana in a flour tortilla. Yum. Beverages are Inca cola and beverages imported from Central and South America, Mexican beer and mixed drinks.

Lafew Teahouse and Kombucha Bar in Lismore, New South Wales
This is a great little community-based tea house. Menu includes great salads, soups, teas, nut milks and blended drinks, kombucha, acai blends, raw desserts, organic coffee and chai latte. Has gluten-free options, and holds workshops!

OM Vegan Kitchen Surry Hills, New South Wales
How about relaxing by Harmony Park? The OM Vegan Kitchen offers a daily self-serve lunch buffet, plus guilt-free desserts, organic shakes and smoothies.  Cuisine includes vegan, Indian, international, organic, Western, buffet, Mediterranean, take-out, and fusion—which means you have a ton of options!

PingAn Veggie Time in Brisbane, Queensland
The first Thai vegan restaurant in Brisbane (Clayfield) run by a veggie family! Offers vegan versions of Thai favorites such as tom yum soup, Thai curries, pad Thai noodles, chili basil stir fried, salads. There are even a number of vegan and gluten-free meal options.

So there you have it—now you don’t have any excuses to settle for boring hamburgers and pizza!