Paying for university studies with ATB Financial

17 July 2023

“We really take the time to dig deep and find ways to make it work. We get creative with whatever situation you might be in.”

These are encouraging words from ATB Everyday Banking Advisor, Michael, during the recent “Understanding Student Financing” webinar.

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Learn more about paying for university

ATB is a financial services company based in Alberta, for Albertans, and over the past couple of years, this company has helped many OzTREKK students finance their studies in Australia,

The interactions between our students and ATB have created enough good-news stories that it was time to spread the news.

In this webinar, they explain how financing works though ATB, what you and your consignor need to quality for a loan, line of credit amounts, and more.

So, what’s different about ATB?

Loan eligibility criteria – ATB will consider your projected earnings in their loan eligibility criteria, rather than soley basing it on your consignor’s earnings. This is a game-changer for many students.

Attention and Care – They understand that everyone comes from a unique financial background and situation. They truly want to hear your story and work with you and your consignor to put the best case forward for you.

ATB Financial Webinar

If you and your consignor are Albertans, you’ll want to watch the recent webinar, Understanding Student Financing with ATB Financial.

The interactions between our students and ATB have created countless good-news stories.

We’ve heard of several situations where a student and/or consignor did not initially meet their loan criteria. ATB worked with them and found ways to have them qualify in the end. In one situation, they worked with a consignor over several months to help them bring up their credit rating. In another, they were able to add additional cosigners to the loan application to make it work.

It’s no wonder our admissions officers have tagged this bank “the OzTREKK of banks.” (Because we care 😊.)

Please reach out to to watch the full webinar.

This article was updated July 17, 2023.

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