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9 April 2014

Hello, OzTREKKers! It’s officially Spring, and that means many of you are finishing exams and getting ready to apply (or have applied!) to an Australian university in order to further your studies and fulfill your dreams!

OzTREKK Study in Australia
The OzTREKK gang, at your service!

For everyone who is a little unsure of what we do, let us explain: OzTREKK is an official representative for a select group of Australian universities. We’re the Canadian information and application centre for Canadian students applying to or inquiring about study abroad, undergraduate, and graduate/professional programs at the following Australian universities:

So, why did Matt and Beth start OzTREKK in 2002? Basically, because of their own university experiences in Australia and Canada.
As international students, Beth and Matt struggled to find information about the “ins and outs” of both the universities and the programs in which they were interested. The transition and exposure to life in another country was aided by the fact that they were partners, yet throughout the application, pre-departure, and orientation processes, it never ceased to amaze them how difficult it was to obtain either “plain language” information or sound advice.
It was this sense of bewilderment that led Matt and Beth to countless discussions about how applying and preparing to study in Australia could be a lot less complicated.
Those discussions led to OzTREKK.

OzTREKK’s mission is simple: To prepare students for a first-class international educational experience in Australia.

OzTREKK team members are experts in Australian university education. We have lived, travelled and studied in Australia and Canada. We have worked with thousands of Canadian students who have studied Down Under. Our firsthand knowledge and experience of Australia, its universities and lifestyle, have made OzTREKK a trusted source of information for Canadians. We enjoy our work and we take pride in being friendly, honest and responsive. We take time for each student, and we always try to go that extra mile.
First, we help you find the right program and uni to suit you. Then we help you with the application, acceptance, and pre-departure processes. Panicking at the last minute? No worries, mate. We’ve got it covered. Accommodation, money, student visas, travel arrangements—we help you every step of the way! Landed and disoriented in Oz? We’ll meet you there, too, with an OzTREKK Welcome Breakfast and the OzTREKK Shuttle—all our services are free to you because we are funded by the Australian universities we represent!
Because all of us at OzTREKK believe in going that extra mile to achieve our dreams, we feel proud to be able to assist our students to do the same. Don’t settle for ordinary—be extraordinary!

Do you have questions about applying to Australian universities? Contact OzTREKK for more information about how we help you to study in Australia! Email info@oztrekk.com or call toll-free in Canada at 1-866-698-7355.