OzTREKK students review Sydney Medical School

6 January 2015

Sydney Medical School is internationally recognised for research and teaching in health and medicine of world class standards.
With formal links to more than 50 hospitals and health care facilities across New South Wales, Sydney is Australia’s longest established medical school, offering outstanding opportunities for researchers and students to participate in industry-leading practices in three key areas:

University of Sydney Medical School
Study medicine at the University of Sydney

1. Education

The Sydney MD develops caring, clear-thinking, clinically outstanding, research capable and globally engaged graduates with the potential to be leaders in medicine, public health and research, and offers excellent opportunities to develop an internationally focused career while studying medicine in Australia.

2. Research

Sydney’s world-class research includes strong programs in diseases which affect millions of lives, such as cancer, obesity, heart disease, infectious diseases and mental illness.
Sydney Medical School‘s research activities span the spectrum of medical sciences through to clinical medicine, public health and medical education.

3. Clinical care

Members of Sydney Medical School make a major contribution to the health of the population through the delivery of clinical care in the university’s associated teaching hospitals.

OzTREKK Students Review Sydney Medical School (2014 intake)

“World-class education.”
“Sometimes it is not always very organized as they are trying out a variety of new curriculum. It is generally good though. It is a great school.and program. The location is really good too.”
“I dislike the major emphasis placed on anatomy and lack of emphasis on biochem, physiology and pharmacology I like that everyone is very nice and all the students are willing to help each other. That everyone is really friendly in Australia and they are willing to help you.”
“The best part is the course, because I’ve wanted to study medicine for so long. School is also where I’ve met all my friends who are making this experience great. I think it is a good option, lovely place to study. I can’t fully recommend it till I know where I end up career-wise.”
“I like the clinical days provided by our program. University of Sydney also has amazing green lawns! It’s an amazing opportunity to meet new people and immerse in a different culture.”
“The best part of the program so far has been the weekly day spent in the hospitals since the first week. Now that I have been exposed to this system I would not want to go to a school whereby you do not enter the hospital until the third year. I also like the laboratory and hands on training segments of the course at the university. The course seemed a little disorganized when it was first getting started but I think that was mainly a function of the 10 week orientation block as at it seems to have gotten more and more organised since. I would say overall the experience has been very positive. University Campus and surrounding neighborhood are great and that it is a really fun place to go to school. I would tell them (Canadians) that the program is, for the most part, really well run and demanding and that they will not have any concerns with the quality of the teaching or programming. I would also emphasis the clinical side of the course and how well run it is.”
“Like: Nice campus/architecture, seems like a solid program. Dislike: Some of the program administration seems a bit disorganized (perhaps attributed to this being the first year of the new MD program)…. The food is great, the city is great, and the people are as friendly as in Canada.”
“great school, very well organized, amazing teachers too expensive”
“So far I like everything other than our semi disorganized lab sessions. The people here are so nice that it makes the transition from home a lot easier. The university staff are very helpful and supportive and there is a great sense of unity among the students in our cohort.”

University of Sydney Doctor of Medicine

Program: Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Location: Sydney, New South Wales (Camperdown/Darlington campus)
Semester intake: February
Duration: 4 years
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