OzTREKK Podcast: How to be successful as a lawyer

18 March 2021

How do you find success as a lawyer?

You do the hard work—apply to law school, are accepted to a program, finish your degree, and then what?

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Going to law school is a big decision. You probably have a lot of questions about how to get there, what to do once you make it, and what happens afterwards. Most important, how do you know you made the right choices?

Melissa Gerrits, also known as Lady Lawboss, has been there. While growing up as a police officer’s daughter in Ontario, she wanted nothing more than to be a crown attorney.

But after she made that goal a reality, she realized that it maybe wasn’t where she wanted to be after all.

She then became in-house counsel for a Canadian university and started her own company. It wasn’t what she dreamed of doing when she was a little girl, but for Melissa, it ended up being even better.

So, what advice does she have for people just starting out on their legal journey? Listen on Stitcher or Spotify to find out!

Here’s what she discusses:

  • Her personal education and employment background
  • What her daily schedule looked like as a crown attorney
  • What her daily schedule looks like as in-house counsel
  • Why a law degree is always beneficial for securing a job
  • Career options with a Juris Doctor degree
  • What people won’t tell you about law school
  • The importance of first-year grades and your second-year job
  • The importance of outlines for studying
  • The importance of law school friends and networking
  • What you can expect to be paid when you first start out as a lawyer
  • Gender diversity in the legal community
  • What Melissa would do differently if she did it all again
  • Why you should consider studying law abroad
  • What you shouldn’t do in law school
  • The importance of your reputation as a law student and lawyer
  • Some inspirational words of advice

Do you have questions about studying law? Email law@oztrekk.com or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram. Keep an eye—or rather ear—out for our next episode!