OzTREKK Funny Friday

24 January 2014

What is a good name for an eye doctor?

Melbourne Optometry School
Study optometry at the University of Melbourne

How come optometry students are so dumb compared to med school students?
Because they only ever get C’s on their tests.
How come eye doctors are so smart?
Because they were good pupils.
What did the myopic eye say to the nose?
“I’m watching you!”
What did the GP say to the eyeball at a party?
“I’ll contact you later.”
What is an eye doctor’s favorite type of makeup?

University of Melbourne Doctor of Optometry (OD)

The Doctor of Optometry (OD) is four years in duration, and consists of a combination of on-campus teaching and clinical placements, with the clinical component commencing in Year 1 and gradually increasing to full time in the final year. Opportunities exist for clinical-related research to be conducted as a required component of the degree.
Program: Doctor of Optometry (OD)
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Semester intake: Late February or early March
Duration: 4 years

Apply to the Melbourne Optometry School!


For more information about how to become an optometrist, including optometry program entry requirements, application deadlines, and how to apply to optometry school in Australia, please contact OzTREKK’s Australian Optometry Schools Admissions Officer Rachel Brady at rachel@oztrekk.com or calling toll free in Canada at 1 866-698-7355.