New clinic at Australian Hearing Hub helps people read all about it

26 November 2014

The Cognition Clinic for Reading is now open to the public, at the Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University.
“Our clinic’s aim is to help people with a range of reading and spelling difficulties, and their supporters,” said Genevieve McArthur.

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“We help people directly by providing comprehensive assessments and evidence-based advice about treatments. At the same time, we know we can’t help everybody so we are running professional development workshops for teachers, clinicians, volunteers—we’ve had a few grandparents who are hoping to help their grandchildren, for example.”
The clinic emerged from research within the Department of Cognitive Science and the ARC Centre for Cognition and its Disorders, and a need to think outside the box for research funding.
Research into reading difficulties typically falls in a grey area between traditional ARC and NHMRC funding categories, so Genevieve’s team proposed a model whereby their next generation studies could be supported by a not-for-profit public clinic.
“We have a circular relationship with research projects and the clinic—we will help researchers recruit and manage their participants, and in return, if those projects work we will integrate the findings of those projects into our practice. It’s a really immediate feedback loop.”
“Eventually, when people contact us and we give them an assessment, we’ll be able to say: here are your evidence based treatment options; however, you might want to pursue a new research trial instead. We can’t guarantee it’s going to work, but it’s free!”

Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University

Macquarie University is renowned for teaching and research excellence in speech and hearing sciences and psychology. The Australian Hearing Hub gives Macquarie students the unique opportunity to work alongside experts in the industry providing an unrivalled learning experience. Graduates and researchers will drive innovation and improve the lives of people with hearing and language disorders around the world.
Almost one year ago—on April 17, 2013—researchers, academics, CEOs and politicians came together to officially launch the Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University. This ground-breaking new facility brings hearing industries and related organizations under one roof, providing new opportunities for collaboration to improve the quality of life for those affected by hearing loss.
The Australian Hearing Hub unites researchers, educators, clinicians and innovators with expertise in audiology, speech pathology, cognitive and language sciences, psychology, nanofabrication and engineering sciences.
Macquarie’s leading speech and hearing, and psychology clinics have been relocated into the Australian Hearing Hub. With everything in one place, patients receive first-class clinical evaluation, testing and diagnosis from leading practitioners. Researchers work across disciplines and with clinicians; clinical and cognitive scientists and rehabilitation specialists work with engineers in tailor-made laboratories.

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